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Exclusive Interview With BTS Album Composer Melanie Fontana

By Edward Leary | September 09, 2018 08:37 PM EDT


Since the news of BTS dropping their hit album 'Love Yourself: Answer,' fans can't get enough of the boy group. Their international fame is skyrocketing and their names are on the tips of everyone's tongue. Being one of the biggest sensations within the music industry today, many fans and artists are curious about just what makes BTS so exclusive?

Now, we sat down with their platinum music composer Melanie Fontana, who helped create one of the hit tracks "Euphoria" which is performed by talented vocalist and visual member Jungkook from their recent album release, in order to get an understanding of what it takes to create such a top-selling album!

Melanie Fontana, a famous LA-based composer who has produced hit songs for artists such as Britney Spears, Justin Beiber and The ChainSmokers to name a few, was fortunate enough to work alongside BTS for their latest album and even stated it was a huge highlight of her musical career. In the past, Melanie has worked with multiple Korean artists (who might be familiar to some) such as Girl's Generation, FX and more.

Melanie's interest in the K-Pop industry is only growing and after working with BTS she has a craving to do more in the Korea music scene! Take a moment to read what makes Melanie tick, how she worked alongside BTS and what new things she has in store for us with our fun interview!

1. Who was the first Korean Artist you ever worked with?

"I worked with Girl's Generation in 2012, then came F(X). It started snowballing from there! I fell in love with South Korea & K-pop."

2. How did you get involved with BTS?

"I got involved with BTS through a friend of mine, professionally known as "Dj Swivel". He co-produced the instrumental for "Euphoria", among many other BTS songs. Grateful for him!"

3. Any other artists you wish to work with currently in Korea?

"Firstly, I'd love to work even MORE with BTS! I also think I'd be great with EXO, Tayeon, Red Velvet & also CL from 2ne1."

Interested in seeing more of what Melanie had to say about BTS such as which member she would love to date, who she worked closely with will creating "Euphoria" and what she loves most about the song and album? Check out our interview video down below and learn more about the lovely Melanie Fontana!

Learn more about Melanie Fontana and her next big projects by following her social media!

Facebook: MelanieJFontana -- Twitter: MelanieFontana -- Instagram: MelanieJoyFantana

Stay tuned for more exciting news featuring BTS!

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