AOA Jimin Goes to Mina's House to Apologize Over the Bullying Issue

AOA Jimin Goes to Mina to Apologize Over the Bullying Issue
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AOA Jimin Goes to Mina's House to Apologize Over the Bullying Issue 

AOA's Shin Jimin trended on various social media platforms after being exposed as the bully of her former bandmate, Kwon Mina.

Mina's series of posts on Instagram shocked fans after revealing that she was bullied for ten years by Jimin. While people persistently expressed their disappointment and hated AOA leader, Mina, later on, posted another lengthy message about the AOA members, the manager, and Jimin came to her house to apologize.

Her letter reads:

"First of all, I'm sorry that I couldn't stand my emotions today and caused a lot of people to get hurt. I'm sorry that so many people came to my house and worried about me, but there were a lot of things that celebrities shouldn't do and talk about. I'm really sorry.

A few hours ago, all the [AOA] members and managers came to my house and spoke to me. At first, Jimin came in angry and was dumbfounded, and I asked her if this was the face of someone who came to apologize. We had a bit of a struggle when Jimin unnie asked where the knife was and if she should just kill herself too. She said she couldn't remember. I kept talking about the times I was hurt by her, and of course, I wasn't in my right mind, and she couldn't remember much. I've talked about when this and that happened, but I can't remember anything either. But what I could remember, I looked straight in her eye and said it.

My Jimin unnie thinks it's all at the funeral. I went to comfort her on that day. But on that day, we communicated, and she, remembering all the things she did, said sorry to me. So from her point of view, it was a situation that she could think of as such.

But how can 11 years of pain be solved in a day? There was no conversation about what happened to me that day, and how can I have such a conversation in that place? Of course, I've been consoling her with all my heart that day, and afterward, I was back to myself. You can't return to your whole self in a day when you're so broken.

I continued to speak to her, and after listening, she said sorry and apologized, and I decided to accept her apology. I sent her back and promised the rest of the members that I no longer had any bad thoughts.

I'm sure two fathers are watching from heaven. I can't lie. To be honest, when I first saw Jimin, I wondered if  she felt guilty. Nonetheless, she said "I'm sorry" many times. I heard it. I really did.

Honestly, I don't know what to write. I honestly didn't see her come here to sincerely apologize, but this could be my inferiority complex or because I want to see it that way because I'm so angry with unnie. She might have meant it, but I can't really tell.

Moving forward, I have to get this story straight. Now I'm going to calm down and continue to receive treatment. I'm not going to make any more fuss about this. I'm so sorry. I'll be better little by little. There are a lot of people who have been affected by me today, and I'm really sorry. 

I don't think I wrote well about Jimin in this post either. Yeah, I acknowledge it. Honestly, I can't think of her apology because I'm reminded of the first scene I've been mad at. I'm so broken, so it's not going to be an instant recovery...but I will try. That's what I've agreed to do.

I'm not going to mention this or make a post about this again. I won't...I don't know what I wrote because I'm not good at writing, but I'm sorry again."

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In a separate post, she also mentioned mental well-being, addressing those going through the same dilemma in life. Mina said, "If you are having a hard time, you better fight. Don't hold it in, or grab someone and talk to them. Sleeping pills? Don't take it. There's no end. Don't live like me. Don't put up with it. You have to do whatever you want to do and express yourself." 

Several K-pop idols have been noted to be suffering from mental distress, such as depression and anxiety. While others are brave enough to publicly admit it, some are silently dealing with their emotional pain.

If you're suffering from such or know someone who does, please don't hesitate to speak to someone who understands or seek professional help to address it thoroughly. 

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