ITZY Steals Spotlight at the 2020 AAA + Surprises Fans with Rehearsal Video

ITZY was definitely one of the show-stealers in the recently concluded 2020 Asia Artist Awards, taking home two awards and subsequently releasing their performance practice video.

The JYP Entertainment five-member girl group was hailed as the AAA Choice (Singer) and the Hot Issue Award (Singer) in this year's award ceremonies, held last November 28. ITZY rocked the stage with their AAA stage as Yeji opened an electrifying performance to a techno beat, followed by the other members - Lia, Ryujin, Yuna, and Chaeryeong. Together, they performed their hit song "Wannabe," which is the lead single of their second EP, "It'z Me."

Keeping up the hype and energy and aided by the visually striking digital backgrounds, ITZY continued to dominate the 2020 AAA stage with "Not Shy," the lead single from their third EP of the same name.

The girl group won the AAA Choice award together with The Boyz - the 11-member boy group under Cre.ker Entertainment.

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Setting the trend in dining, fashion, and lifestyle, the girl group was recognized as the winners of the Hot Issue Award, sharing the honor with singer Lim Young-Woong. Upon receiving their awards, Yeji expressed gratitude to all MIDZYs, their official fanbase. "We miss you so much, and thank you so much," the ITZY member added.

Their rehearsal video "ITZY Performance Practice (Asia Artist Awards Ver.)," uploaded on their official YouTube on the same day of the awards, now has as close to three million views of this writing, with almost 300K likes. The practice video also included backup dancers that helped round up their 2020 AAA routine, set in a JYPE practice room fitted with animated lights and a moving camera that simulates the star-studded stage they performed in.

The ITZY Fever in the US

The group first attained global attention with their debut single "Dalla Dalla," the lead single from their debut album "It'z Different." Incorporating EDM elements such as future house and bass house with empowering lyrics, "Dalla Dalla" was a commercial success worldwide. It was certified platinum by the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA), after posting more than 100 million streams on the Korean Gaon singles chart - making ITZY the first group to earn the certification on a debut song.

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"Dalla Dalla" also peaked at number 2 on the Korean charts, Gaon and K-pop Hot 100. It also peaked at No. 2 on the US' Billboard World Digital Song Sales, posting an official count of 17.1 million "day-of" music video views on YouTube. The debut song also charted in different countries, including Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and New Zealand.

ITZY's follow-up single, "Wannabe," released last March, charted at number 4 on the Billboard World Digital Songs. The house, hip-hop, and pop fusion that encourages individuality continues the group's rising popularity, topping charts in Malaysia and Singapore.

Their latest album, "Not Shy," released last August, only continues the girl group's momentum, with positive reviews geared towards the marked change in their song's themes - from "independence and self-love" into "singing about love," according to Popcrush's Lai Frances.

Earlier this year, the hit Korean quintet also toured across the US with "ITZY? ITZY!" and landing sold-out shows in the five major cities of Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Houston, Washington D.C/. and New York.

Watch ITZY's rehearsal for their 2020 AAA show below:


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