Accuser Reveals to Meet (G)I-DLE Soojin's Party with Lawyers + Anonymous Witness Writes Testimonies of Soojin Bullying Shin Ae

(G)I-DLE Soojin, who was accused of being a school bully and its party, is currently reaching out to the accuser. Read on to know more updates about the controversy.

On Feb. 23, the netizen who accused Soojin of being a school bully, A, shared that the agency of the female idol, Cube Entertainment decided to meet with them along with lawyers.

In particular, Soojin, on Feb. 21, was claimed to be a school bully during her middle school days. As netizens tried to prove if it's true or not, they discovered that Seo Shin Ae, an actress, was her former classmate back then. It was noted that in 2012, the rising actress confessed to being bullied by her schoolmates, raising speculations.

Amidst the controversy, an anonymous witness also came out, giving their testimonies of Soojin allegedly verbally abused Shin Ae.

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(G)I-DLE Soojin's Side is Reaching Out to the Netizen who Accused Her of Being a School Bully

On Feb. 23, A posted their third post on the online community said that Cube Entertainment's legal representative contacted them on Monday, conveying that they wanted to meet A's sibling (the said victim).

However, A refused, saying, "I didn't understand why my sibling had to contact her agency's legal representative. How can I confirm that they are right or wrong when we meet only the agent and the victim without an offender?"

A added, "I positively think of talking to the perpetrators, and if she and the victim cannot face each other anyway, I talked with the lawyers to meet them."

In regards to the netizens who were spreading negative comments and abusive language to A's side, the accuser appealed to stop the second cycle of verbal abuse, which were believed to be the female idol's fans.

Meanwhile, as the controversy gets bigger, suspicions that Soojin has made insulting remarks and abusive remarks to actress Seo Shin Ae, who attended the same middle school, also sparked. The latter's Instagram story, "None of your excuse," add fuel to the fire before it finally exploded.

Shortly after, Soojin released his official stand about the issue and firmly denied the allegations. She also mentioned Shin Ae and claimed that they never spoke to each other when they were students of the same school.

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Anonymous Witness Testified that Soojin Verbally Abused Seo Shin Ae

However, a witness has emerged and attested that (G)I-DLE Soojin verbally abused actress Seo Shin Ae during her school days.

The alleged witness narrated that Shin Ae transferred in their second year of middle school. Whenever the child actress would pass by the female idol, Soojin, who felt inferior with the attention the former was receiving, would make demeaning comments about Shin Ae's appearance, such as "If you're a celebrity with that face, I can do it, too." and, "Wouldn't it embarrassing to have a broadcast with that face?" 

The witness expressed that they sympathized with the actress, but Shin Ae would say it's okay and just laugh about it.

The bottom line is that Soojin and Seo Shin Ae did not talk, but verbal abuse still happened.

The authenticity of the post has not been confirmed yet, and fans are also skeptical about the flurry of school violence related to Sujin.

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