Is EXID Hani Dating Someone? Sublime Artist Agency Clarifies Idol's Statement in Kim Young Chul's Power FM

EXID member Hani made a guest appearance on the Feb. 25 episode of SBS Power FM's Kim Young Chul's Power FM. During the interview, she was asked whether she loves anyone right now, and her answer gained much attention on the internet with many people thinking she's dating someone at the moment. Hence, Sublime Artist Agency has issued a statement clarifying the matter.

EXID Hani Reveals She's in Love on Kim Young Chul's Power FM

On the recent episode of the said radio show, EXID Hani talked about her new drama titled "How to be Thirty," in which she plays the role of announcer Lee Ran Joo. When first asked how similar she is in real life to the character, she said that she is about five percent similar to her.

"She has a personality of a hedgehog and I'm like that as well. But when it comes to outward appearance, we are completely different. Lee Ran Joo wears lots of heels but I don't have even a single pair at home," she explained.

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In this drama, the idol-turned-actress is engaged in a love story with a younger man. EXID Hani shared that she has never experienced dating someone younger in the past. "In my twenties, I wanted to meet older guys, but now that I am thirty, I am curious about younger men. Does age even mean anything these days? No comment," she added.

Kim Young Chul then asked her goals this year, and she responded, "I want to be someone who loves more. I want to become someone that can love me, the world, and others." The radio host gave a follow-up question, asking if she's in love with someone right now, and she answered, "Yes, there is," causing curiosity to both Kim and the listeners, with many wondering if she's dating someone at present.

Sublime Artist Agency Clarifies EXID Hani's Statement about Her Being in Love with Someone

As a result, many considered the answer as a hint that the "Up&Down" singer is dating someone at present. And so, her management company, Sublime Artist Agency, explained the matter to News1. The label said that the idol's statement was misinterpreted. "She was not referring to her dating life," an official from the company said.

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The representative added that when EXID Hani confessed she's in love with someone right now, she meant it differently. "She was supporting her previous statement, 'I want to become someone who loves more,'" they said.

What do you think about Sublime Artist Agency's explanation? Do you think EXID Hani is dating at the moment? Tell us in the comments!

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EXID Hani Expresses Her Longing for Her Bandmates

Meanwhile, the "Hot Pink" singer also talked about her long-lasting friendship with her fellow EXID members. "I really miss them," she shared. "The day before yesterday, Hyelin called me on the phone after meeting up to enjoy some drinks to say she missed me. Since I've become busy these days, I said, 'Let's meet up soon as we possibly can."

Hani also shared that Jeonghwa is currently acting in a play right now. She said that she recently went to see her act.  "She was so good that it made me cry," she added.

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