Rain Recalls Time He's Penniless That He Couldn't Afford Proper Funeral for His Mother and Meal for His Siblings

Rain Recalls the time He's Penniless that He Couldn't Afford Proper Funeral for Her Mother and Meal for His Siblings
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Despite fame and perfect family with wife and actress Kim Tae Hee, Rain expressed his worries and longing for her mother.

SKY and KBS2's joint production entertainment show "Soo Mi Mountain Cabin," which aired on March 11, showed Rain having a warm conversation with veteran actress and MC Kim Soo Mi while grilling their fish in a tranquil cabin deep in the mountain.

In particular, "World Star" Rain showed the happiness of "a man with the whole world," but he soon conveyed his affection and longing for his late mother.

Rain Confessed Hardships When He's Young + His Current Worries

On the show, Soo Mi and Rain were having a casual conversation when the veteran asked Rain, "If it rains, you will think that you have no worries because your wife and children like princesses have a lot of money, but do you still have worries?"

In response, Rain confessed, "In fact, I can feel an empty space without my mother."

In 2000, Rain lost his mother due to diabetes when he was 19. Soo Mi empathized with him and said, "My mother also died when I was 18 years old. Even now, when I think of my mother, I cry enough till my pillowcase gets wet."

Rain then added that no matter what he does, he can't be completely happy as his heart breaks just thinking of his mother. The K-pop icon continued narrating and revealed the last memory he had with his mother.

 "My mom couldn't eat well at the end, but I made Retorted seaweed soup for her birthday. But I think he probably ate it because his son made it for him even though it's painful." He went on by saying that his hardships and happiness intersected.

Soo Mi comforted him then by praising him how his hardships became a driving force for him to succeed.

In response, Rain said, "I felt all the hardships of the world when my mother died. At that time, I didn't have money, so I couldn't give my mother a proper funeral, and I couldn't take care of my younger brother's meal." But amidst everything, he used it as motivation to become the Rain he is now.

In fact, Jung Ji Hoon, or prominently known as Rain, debuted in 1998 as a member of the boy band Fanclub. Unfortunately, the group disbanded two years after due to failure to hit commercial success, and that's the same year his mother left.

The year 2000 was a bittersweet experience for Rain as after being rejected a couple of times by various agencies, he was finally accepted as a trainee for JYP Entertainment.

In 2002, he debuted as a solo artist, Rain, and with his third album, "It's Raining," he finally captured the music industry's attention and rose as No. 1 in Korea and Asia's charts.

Rain concluded, "Even when life doesn't work out as I hoped, I thought, "It'll work someday, but if you hold out, you'll win."

Kim Soo Mi drew laughter by saying, "I fight back right away when I get punched, and this personality is very nice."

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Rain Imposed Dating Ban for Upcoming Rookie Group, Ciipher

On the same show, Rain revealed why Ciipher, the group he was about to launch, was banned to date for five years.

Rain then explained, "If you want to just be a star, then you can date right away, but if you want to become a top artist, dating is not a good time to do it now."

Ciipher is a seven-member group that will make its debut on March 15 under RAIN Entertainment.

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