SHINee Key Opens up about Hardship of Losing One of Their Most Important Vocalists + 'I Live Alone' Preview with SNSD Taeyeon

SHINee Key talked about the members longing for their fifth member, Jonghyun.

On the evening of March 12, a preview for MBC's Entertainment program "I Live Alone" (also known as "Home Alone") was shown, featuring the shining member of SHINee, Key, along with her senior idol and real-life friend, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.

In particular, the teaser video aired his normal day as Kim Kibum (Key's real name) until Taeyeon joined him as a guest. During their conversation, Key opened up about his career, and eventually they began talking about the absence of their member Jonghyun.

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SHINee Key and the Members Felt a Huge Gap Due to Jonghyun's Absence


In the trailer, the male idol opened up on the matter while he and Taeyeon they were having a meal.

Key then told her "Amazing Saturday" co-star Taeyeon, "The most difficult thing for us was that the absence of the most important vocalist left a huge gap."

It was an indirect expression, but it was a sentence that felt the absence of the late Kim Jonghyun at once.

In 2017, Jonghyun, one of the kindest K-pop idols with a golden voice and heart, left the K-pop industry physically, but it is true that K-pop enthusiasts, particularly SHINee members and their fandom SHINee World, never forget his artistry and memories.

Three years since SHINee's military break, they came back as a four-member group physically but five by heart. As proof, during SHINee's promotions for their seventh full-album, "Don't Call Me," they drew attention by honoring Jonghyun's name.

During the group's reaction video for "Don't Call Me" MV, Taemin emphasized, "We were five men from the other space, right?"

Additionally, on their career review with ODG kids, Minho also calmly explained to a kid why they only have four members now, answering, "He's not well. But he's a good uncle."

Lastly, when they took home their second music show win for "Don't Call Me," Key commemorated their win by saying, "There's something I haven't said in a long time, and there's someone I miss so much these days... there's still a huge empty space in us. I want to say that I really, really love you. Thank you."

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SHINee Key and Taeyeon Showed Close Friendship in "I Live Alone" Preview

Key, who used to talk about how much he wants to appear in "I Live Alone," finally had his wish granted!


The trailer released on the same day depicts SHINee Key's real life. Key, who said he had lived alone for seven to eight years, showed proficiency in living in a house, starting with raising dogs. From cleaning the house to gardening and cooking, Key showcased his "husband-material" attributes.

It also made viewers laugh how Comme Des and Garcon, his dogs, took over their house, which will be unveiled in the episode.

Taeyeon of Girls' Generation then visited Key's house, and the two boasted a strong friendship as a long-time SM Entertainment family, from the male idol preparing a home-cooked meal for her to playing games and having a conversation.

On the other hand, Key's innermost thoughts, which he has not been able to tell, can be discovered on MBC's "I Live Alone" on March 19.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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