WJSN Bona Reveals Odd Reason Why She and BLACKPINK Jisoo Have a Strong Friendship

WJSN member Bona recently revealed why her and BLACKPINK member Jisoo's friendship works so well, and it might not be what you think! Keep on reading to learn more!

WJSN's Bona Reveals How She and BLACKPINK's Jisoo Keep in Touch

On Apr. 1, WJSN appeared on the SBS POWER FM radio show, "Young Street." During the talk, host Lee Joon asked Bona which celebrity friend she has been keeping in touch with most recently.

There, she revealed that the friend she has been keeping in touch with is BLACKPINK member Jisoo.

WJSN Bona Reveals The Odd Reason Why Her and BLACKPINK Jisoo Have a Strong Friendship
(Photo : SBS Power FM)

She then revealed a secret to their super strong friendship — and it is their compatible communication style!

"You know how there are people who reply really fast, but there are also people who reply super slow? I am the latter kind. When Jisoo and I message each other, we only exchange, like, one or two texts a day. Jisoo is like me. We are similar in that way."

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Bona laughed as she revealed that sometimes, the two don't reply to each other for two to three days! They are understanding, however, and are still the best of friends. Both Bona and Jisoo are busy idols, so it makes sense that time just slips without answering!

WJSN Bona Reveals The Odd Reason Why Her and BLACKPINK Jisoo Have a Strong Friendship
(Photo : SBS Power FM)

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What is your texting style? Do you reply fast, or do you reply slow? Tell us in the comments below!

How did BLACKPINK Jisoo and WJSN Bona Become Friends?

During a 2016 WJSN fan sign, a fan had asked Bona which same age 95-liner idol that she wanted to be close to. She replied that she wanted to become close with BLACKPINK Jisoo!

Bona has not shied away from showing how much she likes Jisoo and was often seen commenting on Jisoo's Instagram posts.

WJSN Bona Reveals The Odd Reason Why Her and BLACKPINK Jisoo Have a Strong Friendship
(Photo : Forever Kim Jisoo on Facebook)

Soon, Jisoo was repaying Bona's kindness and commented on Bona's Instagram photo! Jisoo is not following anyone on her Instagram account, meaning she had to search for Bona's Instagram herself. However, the two's first public interaction was not until late 2016, during an "Inkigayo" broadcast. Jisoo was seen taking off confetti from Bona's hair. So cute!

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It appears that the two have been close friends since then! In Aug. 2019, Jisoo had a schedule with Dior but immediately went to meet up with Bona after to celebrate her birthday. On Dec. 30, 2019, Bona and Jisoo were spotted hanging out before New Years'! How cute!

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Do you have a Bona or Jisoo in your life?

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