(G)I-DLE Soojin Fans Face Backlash after Allegedly Attacking Seo Shin Ae in Her Previous Video

Seo Shin Ae, who was reportedly bullied by (G)I-DLE Soojin, continues to face reckless attacks from internet users. In response, supporters of the Korean actress came to her rescue. 

On June 7, the Korean news outlet Sports Trend reported that Korean actress Seo Shin Ae still receives online hate from Soojin fans. The event was turned upside down, however, when Seo Shin Ae's fans reprimanded the idol's.

Seo Shin Ae Expresses Future Worries in a Letter

On May 21, Seo Shin Ae made an appearance on KBS Entertainment's "수취인불명" (literal meaning: Unknown Consignee).

In the released YouTube video, the actress shared her recent concern and status through a letter. In particular, the segment aims to read the words that one wants to convey.


The broadcast captured the actress' time as a child star, producer, and songwriter. She highlighted:

"To the time that flows even at this moment... Every story has an event development called the beginning, development, crisis, obstacles, climax, and ending. We call this a plot, and from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, countless different plots emerge at the same time. There are irreversible events."


(G)I-DLE Fans Claimed to be "Disliking" Seo Shin Ae's Video

Seo Shin Ae's letter was calm, soothing, and comforting. It also reflected the time that she spent and future worries.


However, a rapid increase in "dislikes" to the video was observed. Though the YouTube video didn't mention anything about the controversy, it currently has more than 300 thumbs down already.

It is suspected then that fans of Soojin are conducting a "싫어요’(비추) attack" on the video because of the rapid increase in the number of "thumbs down".

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Seo Shin Ae Fans Call Out Haters

The video starring Seo Shin Ae was followed by comments criticizing (G)I-DLE's Soojin's fans, and comments cheering for the actress. When the altercation happened, a "thumbs up" procession and positive comments about Shin Ae poured in.


They protested against the fandom that took "coordinates," such as "People who press dislike are ugly," "Please ignore school violence perpetrators," "Please stop bullying," and many more.

Following the supportive fans of the actress, the number of "likes" exceeded the "dislikes" immediately. 

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On March 26, Shin Ae confessed that she was bullied by Soojin. However, Soojin and her agency Cube Entertainment remained silent about the issue. 

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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