Man Thanks BTS on Behalf of Wife Who Passed Away — This is Why

South Korean journalist So Jun Seop released an article thanking BTS on behalf of his wife, who passed away.

On Tuesday, Jun. 22, South Korean journalist So Jun Seop released an article on Oh My News, thanking BTS on behalf of his wife, who has passed away.

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Journalist Thanks Wife on Behalf on Wife Who Passed Away

The man revealed in his article that his wife had passed away from cancer. During the latter years of her early life, his wife would often listen to BTS songs while leaving for work. At the time, BTS had not yet reached the level of fame they have now, which only shows the wife's great eye for talent.

Back then, the couple never imagined that the wife would become so sick. Following her cancer diagnosis, So Jun Seop's wife would watch BTS every day as she went through chemotherapy. Whenever she had the energy, she would watch BTS videos.

The man recalls how BTS would upload episodes of their variety show, "Run! BTS," and that he would watch the show alongside his wife. He vividly remembers an episode of the boys cooking and eating in New Zealand

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His wife would listen to BTS songs every day, which led So Jun Seop to fall in love with tracks such as "Fake Love" and "Epiphany." When he saw videos of Jimin dancing, he complimented the idol for dancing incredibly well. His wife had told him that the BTS members had brought her immense comfort. His wife showed him how ARMYs and BTS around the world are connected.

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He even added that his wife loved the drinks BTS advertised, so he often went out to buy them for her.

However, now that his wife has passed away, even just seeing the letter BTS has become hard on So Jun Seop. Whenever he hears or sees anything relating to BTS, he is reminded of his wife that passed away too soon, and it fills him with unbearable sadness.

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Despite the sadness he feels, So Jun Seop wants to thank BTS on behalf of his wife. Thanking BTS has been on his mind for a while, but he has avoided it because it was difficult for him to vocalize that his wife is no longer with him.

"For giving the wife whom I love so much joy and comfort in the last few years of her life, thank you, BTS."

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So Jun Seop is a journalist who has contributed to various media outlets, such as Oh My News and Prussian. He has a Ph.D. in International Relations and worked as a researcher at the National Assembly Library. He has also published several books and is interested in democracy,

Read his article thanking BTS here.

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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