EXO Kai to Personally Teach 'Mmmh' Choreo Live — Here's How You Can Join!

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Attention, EXO-Ls and Erigoms! EXO Kai will be personally teaching his solo song "Mmmh" choreo live!

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EXO Kai to Personally Teach "Mmmh" Choreo Live - Here's How You Can Join

If you ever wanted to learn how to dance or learn EXO Kai solo song "Mmmh" choreo, then now is your chance!

On June 28, ED Online KPOP Training, an online platform where you can receive training on singing, dancing, personal style, fitness, self-confidence, and more from people who have trained K-Pop stars, announced on their official social media a very special guest mentor on their platform.

This coming July 4 at 12pm KST, EXO Kai will be joining as a special mentor to personally teach "Mmmh" choreo to fans all around the world! Not only can fans get to experience learning the choreography from the artist himself, but they can also get real-time feedback!

The best part? Anyone can join the dance lesson!

If you're joining, you might as well do some practice while streaming the MV for EXO Kai's "Mmmh" as well! 

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According to ED Online KPOP Training, the session will run for around 90 minutes (that's an hour and a half with EXO Kai!). The ticket-selling for the session will start on Wednesday, June 30 at 12pm KST, and each ticket costs $19.99 USD.

As there are only 2,000 tickets up for grabs, fans will need to be quick to grab a slot.

ED Online KPOP Training also announced that if there are remaining tickets, there may be a second ticket sale. In addition, each ticket has an assigned number which is based on the order of purchase. The lower a ticket number is, the more immersive your experience may be.

In order to attend the live class, the participant will also need access to have access to Zoom and can only use one device per purchase, with the purchase being limited to one ticket per person only.

As the timeline is tight, payments are non-refundable. In addition, the participant may experience a delay in the live or a lower resolution, depending on the speed of their own internet connections.

If you are interested in joining, check out the instructions and website here:

Will you be joining the special dance lesson from EXO Kai?

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EXO Returns with "Don't Fight the Feeling" Special Album

In other news, EXO recently made their much-awaited comeback after more than a year with their special album "Don't Fight the Feeling" back on June 7.

"Don't Fight the Feeling" is a special album which consists of their title track of the same name, and four new songs such as "Paradise," "Hook! (No Matter)," "Runaway," and "Just as Usual."

Although this comeback only features seven out of the nine members of EXO as fellow members Suho and Chen are serving their mandatory military service, it is worth noting that Lay has once again joined EXO in this comeback after being on hiatus from EXO and Korean activities following the conflict between China and South Korea.

Check out EXO Don't Fight the Feeling MV here!

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