IZ*ONE Reunion Plans Fall Through, Will Not Return to Group Activities

CJ ENM has confirmed that IZ*ONE will not be pushing through with their reunion. 

On Tuesday, July 6, Tenasia released an exclusive report stating that plans for IZ*ONE's temporary reunion, which was in the works between CJ ENM and the companies of each respective member, has fallen through and will no longer be happening. However, Tenasia did not give a specific reason as to why the plans have failed to push through. 

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IZ*ONE Will Not be Reuniting as a Group

Soon after the reports were released, CJ ENM released a statement confirming that IZ*ONE will no longer be reuniting. In a statement shared with South Korean media outlet Newsen, the company said that although they left various possibilities for an IZ*ONE reunion open to the agencies, they were unable to agree on a conclusion.

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CJ ENM asks fans to support the members and their future careers, regardless of whether or not they will reunite as IZ*ONE.

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IZ*ONE Fandom Prepared for "Plan B" To Relaunch the Group

Prior to the reports that IZ*ONE will not be re-debuting as a group, Parallel Universe Project, the fan-led initiative to help relaunch IZ*ONE, announced that they would arrange a "Plan B" to prepare for a similar situation that happened to them in March.

Previously, CJ ENM had been discussing the idea of debuting an IZ*ONE sub-unit, but the company ultimately scratched the idea.

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The fan-led campaign stated that they were in contract with individual agencies of the members through a direct means of contact with their CEO instead of with CJ ENM, though they were still working with the latter company.

Following CJ ENM's statement that IZ*ONE will not re-debut, however, Parallel Universe Project has stated they will be pushing through with "Plan B."

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The campaign stated that they are still not certain whether the companies of the members really failed to agree on IZ*ONE's relaunch or whether CJ ENM simply gave up.

Regardless, the team for the initiative has already begun approaching agencies involved with their plan over the past week due to skepticism towards CJ ENM.

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The team has yet to reveal what "Plan B" is, but has stated they will inform fans soon.

IZ*ONE disbanded in April 29, 2021 following the end of their contract.

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