Weeekly Nearly Doubles First-Week Sales on Hanteo Chart with 'Play Game: Holiday'

Rookie girl group Weeekly has once again broken their first-week sales record on the Hanteo Chart, almost doubling their previous sales volume.

On Aug. 4, Weeekly returned with their fourth mini-album, titled "Play Game: Holiday." This is the girl group's first album in almost five months since their third EP, "We Play."

The counting period for the first-week sales of Weeekly's new album on the Hanteo Chart took place from Aug. 4 to 10.

Weeekly Play Game: Holiday
(Photo : Twitter: @PlayM_Official)

Weeekly's New Album "Play Game: Holiday" Breaks Group's First-Week Sales Record on Hanteo Chart

On Aug. 11, Hanteo Chart officially announced the Initial Chodong or first-week sales for Weeekly's fourth mini-album "Play Game: Holiday."

According to Hanteo, Weeekly's "Play Game: Holiday" recorded more than 31,000 copies in the first week, a total of 31,277 copies to be precise. This is their first album to reach 30,000 in the first seven days, showing the growth of their popularity.

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In addition to this, Weeekly has successfully surpassed their previous Initial Chodong record with their third mini-album, "We Play," released this past March.

Weeekly Play Game: Holiday
(Photo : Twitter: @_Weeekly)

Weeekly's "We Play" only reached a total of 18,725 copies in its first-week sales on the Hanteo Chart.

Comparing the first-week sales of the two albums, it is evident that Weeekly's new album "Play Game: Holiday" almost doubled the sales figure.

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Remarkably, "Play Game: Holiday" broke the record set by "We Play" in only two days. A total of 10,749 copies and 8,299 copies of the new mini-album were sold on the first and second day, respectively.

Weeekly Play Game: Holiday
(Photo : Twitter: @weverseshop)

On top of this, this is the fourth time in a row that Weeekly has broken their first-week sales record on the Hanteo Chart since their debut.

The rookie girl group had 9,933 copies with their debut album "We Are," 12,965 copies with their second mini-album "We Can," 18,725 copies with "We Play," and 31,277 copies with "Play Game: Holiday."

Furthermore, Weeekly has also set a new personal record for the highest first-day sales on Hanteo. "Play Game: Holiday" had 10,749 copies compared to "We Play" with 7,921 copies only.

Congratulations to Weeekly on their new personal record for the highest first-week sales on the Hanteo Chart!

Weeekly "Holiday Party" MV Sees Rapid Increase in YouTube Views Following Release

As Weeekly's Hanteo sales see improvement, the music video for the album's title track, "Holiday Party," is also seeing a rapid increase in views on YouTube.

Weeekly Play Game: Holiday
(Photo : Twitter: @_Weeekly)

Weeekly's "Holiday Party" MV was also released at 6 p.m. KST on Aug. 4. The number of YouTube views reached 1.4 million views in the first 24 hours, becoming their fourth most-watched MV within the first 24 hours.

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After three days and eight hours, Weeekly's "Holiday Party" music video attained 10 million views, becoming the group's third-fastest MV to score the milestone, following "Zig Zag" with a record of three days and six hours and "After School" with three days and six hours and 30 minutes.

Weeekly Play Game: Holiday
(Photo : Twitter: @_Weeekly)

Weeekly's "Holiday Party" MV went on to hit 20 million YouTube views, becoming the group's fastest music video to achieve this feat.

"Holiday Party" reached 20 million views on YouTube in only six days and five hours, breaking the record of 11 days set by "After School."

If you haven't watched Weeekly's "Holiday Party" MV, check it out here!

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