NCT Jaehyun Workout Routine 2021: Here's How the 'Kick It' Singer Attained His Stiff Muscles and Sexy Abs

NCT Jaehyun is one of the male K-pop idols who caught the attention of Korean and overseas fans with his incredible skills in singing, dancing and acting. He is also recognized his charismatic figure and sexy abs.

Like other K-pop idols, the "Kick It" singer follows a certain routine to lose weight and stay fit and healthy. If you want to know the "NCT Jaehyun" workout routine and diet plan, then keep on reading.

NCT Jaehyun
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NCT Jaehyun Workout Routine

Jaehyun is the type of person who loves to eat, so he needs to exercise to keep a slim body shape.

When it comes to NCT Jaehyun's workout routine, it has two main points, with the first one being dance practice. All K-pop idols need to learn dancing and Jaehyun is not an exception.

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Korean acts usually practice almost every day or at least five days per week to perfect the choreography. In a day, the dance practice lasts for approximately an hour to two hours. It would take longer sometimes, especially when they have upcoming live performances.

NCT Jaehyun
(Photo : Instagram: @nct127)

Considering the duration of dance practice, NCT member Jaehyun is sure to burn lots of calories and keep his cardiovascular muscles working. More than 800 calories burn with that much dancing, and maybe, even more, depending on the individual's weight.

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NCT Jaehyun's workout routine also includes gym exercises. In one of the video logs uploaded to the official YouTube channel of NCT "NCT Daily," he showcased his secrets in working out.

NCT Jaehyun
(Photo : Instagram: @nct127)

First, Jaehyun does warm-up exercises including stretching and treadmill sessions. Next, he does several muscle-building exercises such as military presses, barbell rows, upright rows, pull-ups, alternating planks, barbell back squats, and kettlebell swings.

Afterward, NCT member Jaehyun uses the treadmill to cool down. The "Dear. M" actor passionately works out with a personal trainer and this helps him attain his incredible abs and a fit body.

NCT Jaehyun Diet Plan

In addition to his workout routine, NCT Jaehyun's diet plan in maintaining a healthy body is also interesting to know.

Jaehyun has a habit of eating and he is often caught in the act by the people around him. He is said to be one of the NCT members who easily gain weight and so he has to go on a diet.

NCT Jaehyun
(Photo : Instagram: @nct127)

Not to mention, in the video log where he showed off his workout routine, NCT Jaehyun confessed that he gained 1.2kg after eating a lot when he visited Japan.

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Before eating, Jaehyun typically shapes the rice into small balls. Some people claimed that this method is useful for those who are on a diet as it can allow them to eat less.

NCT Jaehyun
(Photo : Instagram: @nct127)

During a certain broadcast of SBS Power FM NCT's "Night Night," NCT member Jaehyun shared that he endures not eating too much at night, but he did confess that he sometimes consumes a late-night meal.

When he made his debut in 2016, NCT Jaehyun is known to have chubby cheeks but as years go by, it can be noticed that he is becoming slimmer than before.

Are you going to try Jaehyun's workout routine and diet plan? Tell us in the comments!

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