BLACKPINK Jennie Diet + Exercise: Here’s How to Be as Hot as the ‘SOLO’ Songstress

BLACKPINK member Jennie was once voted as the female body most South Korean women want. Do you want to know how to have a figure like the idols? Then keep on reading!

BLACKPINK Jennie Work Out Routine

BLACKPINK member Jennie has a slim and toned physique that most women would want. Well, did you know that having a figure like hers is totally attainable? The idol is serious about exercise and her diet, so to get a body like hers, you'll need some dedication and hard work.

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In terms of her workout, Jennie is reported to attend two-hour dance practices a day. However, when BLACKPINK is preparing for promotions, those dance practices can easily surpass five to six hours. The members make sure to polish their moves to show a good performance for their BLINKs, especially during the times where they have a concert or a big event.

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Since 2017, Jennie has been a fan of flying yoga. She claims that it is a way for her to be fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. For those who do not know what flying yoga is, it is a type of yoga where you are attached to silk sheets. This type of workout helps one maintain a lean figure and promotes flexibility. It also helps tone muscles.

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Jennie has also been into pilates since 2019 and was even seen attending a private pilates class in the group's documentary, "BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky." Jennie has appeared to become more fond of pilates over flying yoga.

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Pilates promotes good body structure, focusing on your core and lower body strength. Pilates also helps one become flexible and tones each part of your body.


Did you know that 80% of successful weight loss relies on the diet? Jennie has crafted a diet that works for her, and you can definitely try it too.

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Jennie does not put strict limitations on herself when she eats; in the group's reality show "BLACKPINK House," we see all the members eating their fill without worrying about getting fat. The idol also does not skip meals, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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However, when BLACKPINK is preparing for promotions, Jennie avoids salty foods to prevent bloating. The idol also likes drinking fresh juices and green juices while she is on tour. In addition, Jennie likes to keep hydrated throughout the day, which means she drinks a lot of water.

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A diet food Jennie endorses is Greek yogurt. After fellow BLACKPINK member Rosé taught her a recipe for Greek yogurt, it has become a favorite for the idol. The recipe entails a tablespoon of yogurt with granola, honey, and strawberries. Simple and tasty!

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Will you be trying Jennie's workout and diet? Tell us in the comments below!

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