Red Velvet to Bond with Fans Through '' Q&A Session

Red Velvet will be bonding with their fans through the Naver NOW. program called ""

"" is a live broadcast where Red Velvet member Seulgi will be the host. It has the concept of inviting fans to her home where she holds different conversations and making sure that everyone is having fun altogether.

Red Velvet
(Photo : Red Velvet Twitter)

Red Velvet to Bond with Fans Through ''

The forthcoming live stream will feature the quintet, who came back recently with a new album after over a year of hiatus. 

Their new mini-album "Queendom" was released last August 16. It includes six tracks that have captivating hooks and members' cheerful vocals.

On the live broadcast, the members will react to their title track "Queendom" music video, and they will also share their thoughts about their new album.

In addition, they will spend time with their fans as they answer the questions during quiz time. They will also play masterpiece relays, and many other games.

Red Velvet members are also planning to communicate actively with their fans through the Q&A time to answer questions in real time.

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Red Velvet's Comeback Success with 'Queendom'

Red Velvet recently topped Blip's K-Pop radar weekly chart simultaneously as their comeback.

The "Queendom" music video rose to the top spot with 37.98 million views in only five days during the 34th week of K-Pop Radar's counting period from August 15 - August 21. 

Red Velvet Queendom
(Photo : Red Velvet Facebook)

K-Pop radar stated that the music video for "Queendom" exceeded 10 million views in around 13 hours. It has shortened the record for the previously released song "Psycho" by about 9 hours. This is the fastest record that surpassed 10 million views, the girl group achieved this in their 7th year of debut. 

K-Pop Radar added that it seems to be a record that reflects the fans' anticipation during their hiatus of almost two years.

Red Velvet Queendom
(Photo : Red Velvet Facebook)

Furthermore, according to Red Velvet's YouTube data which was analyzed by K-Pop Radar, Red Velvet had a total of 71 million views in the last seven days. Among them, Korea has shown the highest popularity, followed by Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand. It can be seen that Red Velvet is still popular in Southeast Asia starting with Korea.

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Red Velvet's Fame gets back on track

Red Velvet came from SM Entertainment. They are among the forerunners of 3rd generation K-pop alongside BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE. The group originally debuted with only four members on August 1, 2014. Then the following year, Yeri joined Red Velvet officially.

Red Velvet Queendom
(Photo : Red Velvet Facebook)

The title song of their comeback album, "Queendom" contains the message that everybody is a queen and king in their own lives. The girl group hopes that everyone who will listen to the song will gain strength and will always be happy.

Naver NOW.'s live broadcast of "," featuring Red velvet will be aired on August 24 at 10 PM (KST).

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