Stray Kids 'Thunderous' Remains the Most-Viewed K-pop MV + MIRAE 'Splash' Suddenly Gains Significant Number of Views

While Stray Kids' "Thunderous" remains the most-viewed music video by a K-pop artist in Week 36 of 2021, MIRAE's "Splash" sees a sudden increase in the number of views on YouTube.

Stray Kids' "Thunderous" MV was officially released on Aug. 23, together with the boy group's million-seller album, "NOEASY." Written and composed by 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin), "Thunderous" serves as the album's title track, which contains the message that they will drop their own sound no matter what other people say.

Stray Kids/ MIRAE
(Photo : Official Facebook Accounts)

Meanwhile, MIRAE's "Splash" MV came out on Aug. 25, alongside the band's second mini-album of the same name. Members Junhyuk and Khael participated in writing the lyrics for "Splash," which expresses their determination to continue moving forward with courage even when the world gets tough.

Stray Kids Thunderous MV Remains the Most-Viewed K-pop MV for Two Consecutive Weeks

On Sept. 6, K-pop Radar released the latest Top 10 most-viewed K-pop music videos for Week 36 of 2021 (Aug. 29 to Sept. 4).

For the second time around, Stray Kids' "Thunderous" MV took first place, boasting its undying popularity even in its second week of release. It garnered 18.64 million more YouTube views in the past week.

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The "Thunderous" music video was the only one to surpass 15 million views on YouTube during the counting period of K-pop Radar.

Stray Kids NOEASY
(Photo : Stray Kids Facebook)

As of Aug. 30, Stray Kids' "Thunderous" MV hit 50 million YouTube views, becoming the group's new fastest music video to achieve the feat, doing so in just six days and 21 hours. It beat the record of 11 days attained by "God's Menu."

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According to K-pop Radar, Stray Kids' YouTube views, which were analyzed in different countries, were approximately 65.9 million. Among the views tallied, Mexico accounted for the largest portion with 8.6%, followed by Indonesia with 7.6%, the United States with 7.3%, Japan with 6.3%, and the Philippines with 5%.

Stray Kids NOEASY
(Photo : Stray Kids Facebook)

Meanwhile, Stray Kids' YouTube views from South Korea were 2.9%, more than doubling the proportion of 1.3% recorded during the last counting period (Aug. 22 to 28).

MIRAE Splash MV Accumulates Significant Number of YouTube Views in Week 36 of 2021

Another notable record on the latest list of K-pop Radar's Top 10 most-viewed K-pop MVs is MIRAE's impressive rise to Top 10.

MIRAE's "Splash" jumped 10 spots to get to No. 3, after accumulating 12.3 million YouTube views from Aug. 29 to Sept. 4.

MIRAE Splash
(Photo : MIRAE Facebook)

In the first 24 hours, MIRAE's "Splash" MV gained 2.2 million YouTube views, becoming the rookie group's most-viewed MV in the first 24 hours since its release. It showed a million increase from their previous record of 1.2 million set by "KILLA."

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According to K-pop Radar's analysis, MIRAE's "Splash" suddenly rise to popularity on Aug. 29, when it garnered 2,823,706 YouTube views. It had over two million views on four days within Week 36 of 2021.

As of Sept. 7 at 3:20 p.m. KST, the "Splash" music video has 19.5 million views and 49,000 likes.

These are the Top 10 Most-Viewed K-pop MVs in Week 36 of 2021:

  1. Stray Kids Thunderous MV - 18,643,514
  2. fromis_9 Talk & Talk MV -   13,337,916
  3. MIRAE Splash MV - 12,304,512
  4. BTOB Outsider MV - 11,786,653
  5. BTS Permission to Dance MV - 10,104,264
  6. BTS Butter MV - 8,253,718
  7. PSY Gangnam Style MV - 7,371,324
  8. BTS Dynamite MV - 6,893,005
  9. BLACKPINK DDU-DU DDU-DU MV - 5,799,506
  10. CL SPICY MV - 5,702,322

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Written by Mhaliya Scott

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