Former IZ*ONE Member Kim Minju New Profile Photos Receive Mixed Opinions

Former IZ*ONE Member Kim Minju New Profile Photos Receive Mixed Opinions
(Photo : Kim Minju Instagram)

Former IZ*ONE member Kim Minju shared new profile photos on her Instagram, and it is currently receiving mixed opinions. Keep on reading to find out all the details.

Why is Former IZ*ONE Member Kim Minju's Profile Photos Receiving Mixed Opinions?

On September 13, Kim Minju attracted attention by sharing a set of new profile photos on her Instagram. Fans soon noticed that along with this new set of profile photos included a new title.

On the Urban Works Media website, Minju's occupation was changed from "Musician" to "Actor." People believe that she will pursue an acting career, which differs from the rumors that she will leave her company to join HYBE Labels.

(Photo : Kim Minju Instagram)

Upon the release of her new profile photos, people shared divided opinions. Her visuals mainly were complimented, with people praising her attractive almond eyes. Many noted that this make-up style — gentle and natural — suits Minju the most as it compliments her pure and elegant visuals.

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The former idol was able to show off her charisma and chic side in her profile picture despite wearing simple colors. Ever since her debut, Minju's visuals have been praised by fans and non-fans. This is due to her tiny face, gentle eyes, and innocent aura. Many believe she has a look that suits the concept of "first love."

(Photo : Kim Minju Instagram)

However, some people criticized the idol's expressions in her photos. They claimed her images looked flat and sad. Why? Because, according to commentors, her eyes looked sad and sleepy. Many hope that the "Secret Story of the Swan" songstress will improve her expressions in front of the camera.

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A lot of people expressed sadness over the release of these photos, as they believed it signaled the end of idol Minju. On the other hand, people hope to see the idol on stage once more, saying that she has a face, unlike any other idol that is promoting at the moment.

(Photo : Kim Minju Instagram)

However, many still wished her good luck on her new path. Though they fear idol Minju may never return, they hope Minju can debut as an actress in a drama that suits her and that she will have a long and successful career. Others hope she practices her expressions so that she can bag bigger and better roles.

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Check out Minju's profile shots here:

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Kim Minju Recent Activities

Since June 2020, Kim Minju has been the co-host of the South Korean music program "Show! Music Core." She first started co-hosting with SF9 member Chani and Stray Kids member Hyunjin, but now she co-hosts with NCT member Jungwoo and Stray Kids member Lee Know.

(Photo : Kim Minju Instagram)

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Kim Minju is one of the main hosts of the MBC variety show "Where Is My Lodging."

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