[EXCLUSIVE] A.C.E Dishes on Their Love for CHOICE, Survival Shows, and More in KpopStarz Interview!

[EXCLUSIVE] A.C.E Dishes on Their Love for CHOICE, Survival Shows, and More in KpopStarz Interview!
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A.C.E recently made their comeback with their second repackaged album "Dear: Eris" on September 2, 2021! To learn more about this impressive and talented group, we at KpopStarz decided to catch up with members to learn more about them, their fandom, and their future aspirations.

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1. It’s nice to meet you, A.C.E! We love your group name. Could you tell us what it means?

Thank you for welcoming us!

A.C.E stands for Adventure Calling Emotions. We named A.C.E, hoping that our fans and audience would venture into what they would do. We hope that they will listen to our music and get hope and courage.

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2 . Your fandom name is CHOICE. Can you tell us what CHOICE means to you guys and how CHOICE relates to your group name, A.C.E?

They are the motivation for us to breathe and move forward. We hope we can continue to have a friend-like relationship and share it deeper.

3. Before your debut, you guys started your musical career through busking. Can you tell us how you started busking and what pushed you guys to go that route?

We started busking in the streets of Seoul when we were preparing our debut. We wanted to start from scratch and to meet fans very closely. We can never forget that we learned how to communicate with fans and share energy through busking. Since we started, our hearts and sincerity have been in the busking.

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4. All of the members have competed in survival shows. What lessons did you learn from appearing on these shows and how did it affect the way you work now?

We all five members went through the survival shows. We felt like we were a big fish in a small pond. We learned a lot from the competitors and through the competition. However, what we found the most was the team’s pride A.C.E. We gained confidence and pursued professionalism.

5. You guys have been active for nearly four years now! What is the most memorable moment you had as A.C.E?

The first fan concert, ‘Sweet Fantasy Concert’! There were over 1,000 people who came to see us. I remember we all cried. (haha). It was very meaningful because all our family members, trainers, and friends came to support us.

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6. A.C.E. always dazzles fans with their impressive choreography! Which dance do you consider the hardest?

A.C.E’s choreography is powerful and complicated. Especially, ‘Goblin’ is the most difficult one. There are some traditional Korean moves that make it harder. Also, ‘Undercover’ is a hard one because you need to keep jumping. We give respect to those who covered those choreographies.

7. Throughout your career, you guys have worked with many different styles. Which comeback’s concept would you consider your favorite?

We would say ‘UNDERCOVER’ because it was the strong concept we tried for the first time. 'SAVAGE: Our first Hip-hop concept. This was the most loved concept from fans.

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8. Speaking of concepts, is there a genre or style you guys would like to tackle in the future?

We want to try a concept with a suit and restrained choreography. It would be fantastic if it has the feeling of dandy and sexy. Musically, the retro pop genre would be fun.

9. Due to COVID-19, it has been difficult to travel and meet with CHOICE. Once this virus is gone, is there something you would like to do as a group? Is there a place you would want to travel to?

Absolutely, World tour is on our bucket list! We thought we would do more tours and meet fans more often in person at the beginning of 2020. Sadly, we have enlistment coming up, and it will take more time for this dream to come true.

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10. CHOICE misses you so much! Could you send a special message to your fans who love and support you?

We sincerely thank CHOICE for watching us and supporting us for a long time. We will continue to grow as artists and will always come back with good music for CHOICE.

Thank you, A.C.E, for taking the time to answer our questions!

Everyone, please check out the music video for their latest title track, "Changer" here:

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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