ENHYPEN Members Recover from COVID-19 + Reveal a Full Album Coming in October

ENHYPEN members recover from COVID-19
ENHYPEN members recover from COVID-19(Photo : ENHYPEN Official Twitter)

All ENHYPEN members are now out of quarantine after recovering from COVID-19.

ENHYPEN Members Recover from COVID-19

On September 16, Belift Lab (ENHYPEN's agency), confirmed that ENHYPEN members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon and Ni-ki have fully recovered from COVID-19 and they have been discharged from their treatment facilities. They are no longer in quarantine as of September 16 at 11:23 AM (KST).


They added that all of the members are now resting healthily. Meanwhile, Sunoo also underwent re-testing to exit self-quarantine. Fortunately, his test came back negative.

The management expresses their gratitude to ENGENEs (ENHYPEN fandom) for their deep concern for their artists. They also announced that ENHYPEN's first studio album will be released in October.

More details will be provided by BELIFT LAB in a separate notice.

(Photo : ENHYPEN Facebook)

BELIFT LAB finished their notice stating that they will continue to place highest priority on the health and safety of their artists, they will also fully comply with the government's COVID-19 control measures.

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#ENHYPEN_NIKI and #YOUFOUGHTWELL Trend on Twitter as ENHYPEN Members Get Out of Quarantine

On September 16, ENHYPEN Ni-Ki posted on his Weverse account that he finally gets out of quarantine. The post came together with his selfie in a vehicle, as he wears a facemask and makes a peace sign.

(Photo : ENHYPEN Weverse)

He stated on his post that he finally got out and he thanks ENGENEs for worrying a lot, he assures them that he is now okay and there is no need to worry anymore. He added that he loves the ENGENEs.

ENHYPEN Fundraiser for Comeback Album Begins

ENHYPEN Donation Drive for their 2nd comeback album "Rise of the Dark Moon" started on September 14. 

As ENHYPEN embarks on a new chapter together with ENGENEs, the comeback "Rise of the Dark Moon" plans to raise funds with the purpose of achieving higher chart positions on different Korean streaming platforms for ENHYPEN and also give them record-breaking comeback results.

ENHYPEN Fund Raiser
(Photo : Twitter: @enhypenupdates)

The proceeds of the donation drive will go to Melon Streaming Passes, Melon Verified Accounts, Genie Streaming Passes, Genie Verified Accounts, Bugs Streaming Passes, and Gaon Charts.

ENHYPEN 1st Studio Album to be Rleased in October

Because of ENHYPEN Members' COVID-19 infection, the preparation for their comeback this September has been halted. BELIFT LAB did not announce before when the official release date of the album will be, considering the members' health status, it will be pushed through in the following month or later on, until all the members recover from the virus.

(Photo : ENHYPEN Facebook)

Now that the management confirmed that they boys recovered from the infection, BELIFT LAB announced that ENHYPEN's first studio album will be released in October. They haven't published any details about this yet.

However, this is something that the ENGENEs are looking forward to. The fans expressed to Twitter their gladness with ENHYPEN's recovery, showing their full love and support to the 4th generation K-Pop group.

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