IU Best Girl: Soloist Donates 850 Million Won in Celebration of her 13th Debut Anniversary

IU donated 850 million won (727,600 USD) worth of goods in commemoration of her 13th debut anniversary.

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IU 13th Debut Anniversary: Singer Donates 850 Million Won Worth of Goods to People in Need

IU wanted to donate some daily necessities to those who are in need - and this is her way of celebrating her 13th debut anniversary.

Aside from that, she proposed it to each brand she advertised and she thought it is meaningful to share half of the donation.

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(Photo : IU (News1))

IU 850 Million Worth Goods of Donation Includes:

1,000 pairs of New Balance Sneakers

2,000 Banolim Pizzas

2,000 Blackyal Kids supplies and winter padded jackets

300 Evezari Blanket sets

2,000 Kyungdong Pharmaceuticals First aid kit sets

30,000 bottled water from Jeju Samdasoo

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IU Makes Good Influence on Her 13th Debut Anniversary

EDAM entertainment, IU managing agency, announced on September 17 that IU 13th debut anniversary was welcomed by donating 850 million won worth of goods and she also advertised the brands where she purchased her donation. The donations went to medical and screening clinics.

EDAM entertainment stated IU normally donates advertising necessities and this year it is big enough to patronize the brand needed for the receivers of the donations. It is also meaningful that IU pays half the cost.

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The items donated this time are about a thousand pairs of New Balance sneakers for teenagers. Also included are pizzas from Banollim Pizza Shop for children and teenagers in shelters, Black Yak kids goods, and winter products.

IU also prepared clothing products, such as padded jumpers.

Furthermore, for the neglected elderly living alone, along with the single mothers in the region, 2,000 Evesari blankets and first-aid kits were provided.

Five million worth of goods are provided for Kyungdong Pharm.

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IU 13th Debut Anniversary Celebration

IU is a solo singer and actor famously known as "Nation's Little Sister," or "Nation's Sweetheart." She debuted on September 18, 2008 under Kakao M, which is formerly LOEN Entertainment.

On January 6, 2020, it was revealed that IU signed a contract with EDAM Entertainment.

The soloist is known to be very nice to her fans, and it can be seen with her kind works and big donations that she gives every year on her debut anniversary. 

IU has been making steady contributions to the marginalized groups, along with her fan club Uaena for every special anniversary since her debut in 2008.

In May, she took the lead in spreading good influence by giving a donation of 500 million won on her birthday.

(Photo : IU Facebook)

Over Twitter, upon hearing the news, "IU Best Girl" immediately rose to the top of the trends list. Uaenas flooded replies to EDAM Entertainment's announcement while some are praising the "Celebrity" singer in their own tweets.

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