Here's What Will Happen to TXT Members if They Join The 'Squid Game' - According to Soobin

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) members are die-hard fans for Netflix latest Kdrama Squid Game and they already have an idea on which of the other members will be killed immediately if they participated in it.

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What Will Happen to TXT Members If They Play the Squid Game? Here's What Soobin Predicts

During a V Live broadcast with TXT Hueningkai and Soobin, the boys discussed the worldwide popular drama. It started when a fan asked which they prefer between Penthouse and Squid Game.

Soobin quickly answered that their choice is the megahit Kdrama Squid Game.

TXT Hueningkai
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Hueningkai admitted that if they participated in the Squid Game, he would be the first one to be killed. He then explained that he is really bad with the children's games Red Light, Green Light and the Statue Game.

Aside from being bad at the Red Light, Green Light game, Soobin added that Hueningkai is a very nice person and there will be a possibility that someone would betray him.

"I think Huening would get betrayed. He's too nice, bad guys would come leech off him," Soobin said. 

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With Yeonjun's case, Soobin shared that Yeonjin's heart is very soft and weak for him to be included in a situation like that. And because of that, Yeonjun won't last long in the Squid Game as well.

TXT Soobin
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Aside from Yeonjun and Yeonjun and Hueningkai, Soobin revealed another member that will die immediately in the game. Beomgyu lacks self-control and he won't be able to hold himself back during the game.

"Beomgyu? I think it'd be Beomgyu. You need to have control when you hold back or attack, but I don't think Beomgyu knows how to hold back. He's the type to stubbornly go forth? Beomgyu?" Said Soobin.

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For those who will survive the Squid Game, Soobin confidently declared that it will possibly be Taehyun and him.

Soobin elaborated that it is not because they have awesome athletic skills, it is because they will survive stubbornly.

"The person who would survive the longest would be me and Taehyun? I don't think athletic skills are super essential. I think that if you throw me into that type of place, I would really stubbornly survive," Soobin went on. 

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Squid Game is a Netflix Korean original series that features the story of people who played in a mysterious survival game with a prize of 45.6 billion won (or $38,440,800) risking all of their lives to become the sole survivor and the game's ultimate winner.

Netflix's original Korean Drama Series "Squid Game" was released last September 17.

Watch the official trailer of 'Squid Game' here:

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