ATEEZ Continues to Provide Laughter in New UNIVERSE Short Form Variety Show

KQ Entertainment's eight-piece boy group ATEEZ shows their quirky and funny sides with the new UNIVERSE short form variety show "Parasite Challenge Double-Up ATEEZ."

Parasite Challenge Double-Up ATEEZ
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Parasite Challenge Double-Up ATEEZ to Showcase Boy Group's New Adventures and Chemistry

The new show is an upgraded version of the "Parasite Challenge," which drew considerable attention at the UNIVERSE platform.

The first episode of the new "Parasite Challenge Double-Up ATEEZ" has been uploaded on the UNIVERSE YouTube channel.

Fans are now excited about the next adventures of Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho, revealing their chemistry as a unit and previously unseen sides to their personalities.

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In their first episode, ATEEZ faced the "Refrigerator Breaking Mission" without letting their landlord know. In particular, Hongjoong had to go on a solo mission to find ingredients for making tteokbokki.

The group leader showed his potential for slapstick comedy as a large donut tube was wrapped around his body, with his funny movements drawing laughter from his groupmates.

ATEEZ has been active in the UNIVERSE platform, giving their ATINY fanbase multiple opportunities to connect and even interact with them. Earlier this month, the NCSoft and Klap-developed fan interaction platform hosted ATEEZ's latest comeback showcase.

In the "ATEEZ [ZERO: FEVER Part.3]," the KQ Entertainment boy group was able to show the content of their latest release, plus various interactive segments that allowed the artists and their fans to connect on an entirely new level.

The "Parasite Challenge Double-Up ATEEZ" is an eight-episode short form entertainment show available on the UNIVERSE app, with new episodes released every Wednesday and Friday at 10 AM KST.

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