Fair Trade Commission Receive Second Report Filed Against BTS Jungkook for Alleged Under-The-Table Advertisement

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After a report was filed against Jungkook for wearing his brother's brand's shirt, another report came in accusing Jungkook of advertising a drink on broadcast. The Fair Trade Commission also issued another statement. 

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BTS Jungkook Accused of Under-The-Table Advertisement for Kombucha Drink During Broadcast

Previously, it was reported that a netizen had filed an official report to the South Korean Fair Trade Commission, accusing Jungkook of under-the-table advertisement for his older brother, Jeon Jung Hyun's brand Six6uys, and for allegedly impacting the fair and free trade market. Jungkook also resigned as a director of the brand.

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On October 5, it was reported that a second report had been filed to the Fair Trade Commission, which accused Jungkook of another under-the-table advertisement during one of his past Naver V Live broadcasts.

According to the report, in a V Live broadcast back on February 27 and March 7 of this year, Jungkook showed the viewers a drink that he had been drinking for a while - a lemon-flavoured kombucha tea by the Korean brand Teazen.

BTS Jungkook
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BTS Jungkook drinking the kombucha tea during broadcast

Following that, the kombucha tea went out-of-stock everywhere, with Teazen reportedly having an increase of 500 percent in sales for the first week of March.

And on March 17, Teazen announced that they had received increased export inquiries from China and Japan, with the amount of products exported to China seeing an increase of 1,800 percent for 16 days. Media outlets also reported that Jungkook saved the business.

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In addition, the kombucha tea was being sold alongside a picture of Jungkook that showed him drinking the tea from his broadcast, with Teazen promoting the drink using BTS' signature phrase, "Borahae," which also caused a trademark dispute. However, BTS' agency, HYBE, did not take any legal action against this.

It was not revealed whether the second report was filed by the same netizen or not.

Fair Trade Commission to Officially Process Reports Following Second Report Filed Against Jungkook

On October 5, the Fair Trade Commission revealed that they will officially begin processing reports following the filing of a second report against Jungkook. 

Previously, a representative of the Commission had stated that Jungkook did not violate any of the Commission's policies by simply wearing his brother's brand's shirt.

BTS Jungkook
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In their second statement, the Commission revealed they had received a report related to Jungkook, and that it will take around 14 days for the reports to be processed and be dealt with legally before they can reply to the claim according to legal procedures.

According to the Commission's regulations, if there is difficulty in handling civil complaints within the specified period for unavoidable reasons, the processing period may be extended with the consent of the complainant.

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