YG Entertainment Stocks Fall Following Claims That the Company Mistreats BLACKPINK Lisa + 'LISA DESERVES BETTER' Trends on Twitter

Following the reveal that BLACKPINK member Lisa will not attend Bvlgari's show this year despite being in Europe, YG Entertainment's stocks took a sharp dive with people complaining the label is mistreating her. Keep on reading for all the details.

YG Entertainment Stocks Fall Following Claims that the Company is Mistreating BLACKPINK Lisa
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YG Entertainment Stocks See Decrease Following Reports that BLACKPINK Lisa is Being Mistreated

On October 5, the CEO of Bvlgari welcomed BLACKPINK member Lisa to Paris through his Instagram after the idol was seen in Incheon Airport heading to France.

However, in his post, he revealed that her label, YG Entertainment, did not want the idol to participate in any events or shows due to COVID-19, which means she will not be photographed for Bvlgari's brand campaign 2021/2022.

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She will also not be able to attend Bvlgari's show in Milano, Italy. However, the CEO stated that he was doing everything in his power to active the collaboration and stressed that he is great friends with Lisa.

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This has led to frustration among the BLINKs, specifically supporters of BLACKPINK member Lisa. Many took to Twitter to trend "Justice for Lisa" and #YGLetLisaDoHerWork. It is noted that BLACKPINK member Lisa is vaccinated, and her other members were able to attend activities in Paris. Notably, Jisoo attended Dior's SS2022 Fashion Show, Rosé attended the Saint Laurent S/S 2022 Fashion Show, and Jennie attended the Chanel 2022 S/S Fashion Show.

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The other three BLACKPINK members also shared photos of them roaming around and hanging out with different people in Paris.

Following the social media outrage, YG Entertainment's stocks saw a decrease. On October 5, the company's stocks reportedly saw a decline of 600 won. That day, the stocks' peaks were at 66,500 KRW, but by October 6, the stocks saw a decrease to 63,800 KRW. YG Entertainment has remained silent on the issue.

YG Entertainment stocks
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It appears BLACKPINK supporters have no plans of slowing down their tweets. Many are continuing to slam the activities for allegedly mistreating Lisa. Besides canceling any potential activities in Europe, people also slammed how short the promotion schedules were for Lisa's debut single album LALISA. Additionally, YG Entertainment was criticized for not letting Lisa attend shows to promote her single album.

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BLACKPINK Lisa Recent Activities

On October 5, BLACKPINK member Lisa was seen departing Seoul through Incheon Airport, heading for Paris, France.

On September 10, 2021, Lisa released her debut single album, titled LALISA with a lead single of the same name. Four days after the opening of pre-orders, it was reported that LALISA surpassed 700,000 sales. On September 10, it was reported that LALISA surpassed 800,000 pre-orders. It currently holds the record for the highest number of pre-orders among female K-pop artists.

(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

Within the first week of the album's release, LALISA sold 736,221 copies, setting the record for the highest first-week sales among female K-pop artists. Lisa is also the first female soloist to surpass 500,000 copies in the first week.

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