SHINee Key Hilariously Pleads for Viewers to Buy His Album During Live Broadcast

SHINee Key
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Key puts SM Entertainment's marketing team to shame as he takes matters into his own hands by promoting his solo album "Bad Love" in a rather unconventional way.

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SHINee Key Hilariously Pleads for Viewers to Buy His Album During Live Broadcast

Back on October 4, SHINee member Key made a guest appearance on a popular Korean Youtube channel, where he joined it's host, Haetnim, for a live mukbang broadcast.

During the broadcast, as Key and Haetnim were eating different kinds of kimbap and a salad while casually chatting, the SHINee member suddenly noticed that the amount of viewers had reached more than 40,000 people.

Seizing the moment, Key immediately took out his new solo album "Bad Love" and showed it to the viewers, and hilariously pleads for them to each buy a copy of the album!

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"Hold on, guys! 40,000 viewers, right? Can each of you please buy a copy of my album? Please, please, please! Just one! Pretty please!" Key pleaded.

As he was pleading for the viewers to buy "Bad Love," Haetnim ended up in a fit of laughter watching Key and his marketing tactic, and said, "Okay, okay. Go promote your album now. It is a good time since there are more than 40,000 people watching us right now."

Of course, Key also went in with a sales pitch to help his case. "This is my latest mini album, 'Bad Love.' Isn't it so cute? This is the A version, which is harder to get than the other album versions as it was produced less. I brought it for Haetnim noona here," Key said.

Later in the broadcast, Key and Haetnim continue on with their mukbang, feasting on yukhoe (raw beef) and gopchang (grilled intestines).

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As they were once again casually chatting, they noticed that the viewers had increased and hit 50,000 people.

Key and Haetnim quickly brought out his album and the three different versions, with the "Bad Love" singer immediately rubbing his hands together and pleading viewers once again to buy a copy of the album.

While laughing and chewing his food, Key said, "Please, buy one each! Please listen to my songs just once, at least! Will you, please? Please!"

Viewers who were watching Key couldn't help but laugh at his unconventional tactic to increase his sales. However, it seems to work as many of them bought a copy!

What are your thoughts on Key's marketing tactic?

Check out the full broadcast here: *Topic starts at the 22:50 and 1:11:08 marks

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