Lovelyz Yein Relationship: Here's Why She Was Linked to BTS Jungkook and Super Junior Donghae

Lovelyz Yein
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Yein made her debut as the lead dancer, vocalist, and youngest member of Woollim Entertainment's girl group, Lovelyz, back in 2014. Since then, the group has released several addicting songs, such as "Ah Choo," "Hi~," "Destiny," "WoW!," "Obliviate," and more. As an idol, many are always curious to know more about her private, especially when it comes to her dating life.

In fact, Yein was even linked to BTS' youngest member, Jungkook, and Super Junior's Donghae. So, why was Yein linked to these two? Is Yein currently dating anyone? Keep on reading to find out!

Lovelyz Yein Dating Rumor with BTS Jungkook

Back in 2016, netizens sparked the rumor that Yein was in a relationship with Jungkook after a post on an online community forum pointed out how the two look much alike in terms of appearance.

The post also pointed out how Yein wore clothing that is similar to an illustration of a girl wearing Jungkook's ideal type of fashion.

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The rumor was fueled when netizens began sharing pictures which showed Yein and Jungkook - on separate occasions - wearing similar clothing items, such as a red puffer coat, shoes, shirt, having the same phrases on their clothing, bracelets and more, and tagging them as "couple items."

Some netizens also shared screenshots of the two allegedly taking a glance at each other during broadcasts, which led them to label Yein and Jungkook as a "dream couple" of theirs.

However, all of the rumors were not true. In November 2016, Lovelyz' label, Woollim Entertainment, issued a statement denying the two's involvement with each other.

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Lovelyz Yein's Dating Rumor with Super Junior Donghae

Yein and Donghae also sparked curiosity regarding the nature of their relationship back in 2018 when Lovelyz was invited to make a guest appearance on the second season of Super Junior's variety program, "Super TV."

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During their appearance, netizens noted the chemistry between Yein and Donghae, such as the parts where Donghae approached her closely and and just stared at her, and when the two were bantering throughout the show.

The two showed a playful love-hate relationship that netizens began wondering if there was something more to their relationship, with numerous shipping them as a couple.

However, none of the parties involved addressed the rumor. And it seems that their relationship was only as a junior and senior.

Lovelyz Yein Relationship Status + Ideal Type

Lovelyz Yein
(Photo : Instagram: @happpy_yein)

As of this moment, Yein is single and is not dating anyone publicly, nor did she have any confirmed relationships in the past. When it comes to her ideal type, Yein wants to date someone who full of charms, has his own style, dreams, and vision.

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