This Female Idol is Gaining Attention for Looking Like Naevis from aespa’s Music Videos

Following the release of aespa's Savage music video, this female K-pop idol has gone viral for looking like Naevis! Keep on reading for all the details.

ELRIS Bella Gains Attention for Looking Like Naevis from aespa's Music Videos

On October 5, 2021, aespa made their much-anticipated comeback with their first mini-album, Savage, and the lead single of the same name. Along with the release of the mini-album was the release of the music video for Savage.

In the music video, MYs were able to get a closer view of Naevis, one of the characters in aespa's cinematic universe.

(Photo : aespa YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

Previously, fans were able to catch a small glimpse of Naevis in aespa's Next Level music video.

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Upon the music video's release, people immediately compared Naevis visuals to K-pop idol Bella, who is a member of ELRIS. Bella is the main rapper and lead vocalist of ELRIS, and she debuted with the group back in June 2017.

(Photo : ELRIS Bella Instagram)

Naevis and Bella do have visual similarities; both have short hair and large, doe-like eyes. In addition, they both have high and slim nose bridges, as well as plump lips. The resemblance is almost uncanny!

Many people who saw the music video claimed they immediately thought of Bella when Naevis appeared, which has led many to look up the idol online.

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ELRIS Bella Response to Comments Saying She Looks Like Naevis from aespa's Music Videos

Following claims that ELRIS member Bella resembles Naevis, the idol herself took to her Instagram to reveal her thoughts on the situation.

(Photo : ELRIS Bella Instagram)

She revealed that she felt grateful for all the comments, stating that fans, family, and acquaintances had sent her direct messages (DMs) to mention that she looks like Naevis. She ended her post by saying that she herself likes aespa. It looks like Bella is a MY!

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Do you think Bella looks like Naevis? Tell us in the comments below!

Check out aespa's music video for Savage here:

aespa Recent Activities

On October 5, 2021, aespa released their first mini-album, Savage. The mini-album contains six sings, including the title track of the same name. Prior to the album's release, it was reported that Savage has surpassed 400,000 pre-order sales.

(Photo : aespa Twitter)

The title track, Savage, is described as a K-pop trap genre song that focuses on the drums and basses. I'll Make You Cry is a song with a unique rhythm and an ear-catching synth sound. On the other hand, YEPPI YEPPI is a song that combines deep house, trance, synth wave, and trap. Lyrically, the song shares a positive message of thinking of yourself as beautiful despite others' opinions.

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Iconic is described as a dance song with a fun, energetic drum sound.

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