Sunmi to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters Online

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Following the recent malicious comments directed towards Sunmi, ABYSS Company announced that they are taking strong legal action.

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Sunmi to Take Legal Action in Light of Rise of Malicious Commenters Online

On October 13 KST, Sunmi's label ABYSS Company announced through their official social media that they will be taking strong legal action against malicious commenters in light of the recent rise of hate comments directed towards Sunmi.

Read ABYSS Company's statement here:

Hello, this is ABYSS Company.

First of all, we would like to thank the fans who have supported our artist Sunmi.

Based on a statement we released back in August 2019, we took strong legal action against netizens who posted malicious comments, such as personal attacks, insults, and hateful contents. The legal action that was taken soon after the release of the notice resulted in penal fines charged to those who were found guilty of malicious activity.

However, despite this, we have recently seen a number of malicious posts with insults, attacks, and malicious content.

Hiding behind a mask of anonymity on the internet and slandering and attacking artists is an obvious criminal act.

In order to protect the rights and interests of our artists, we plan to take strong legal action without any leniency for malicious acts that infringe upon the artist's being so that they will face their due consequences.

We will continue to take strong follow-up actions based on self-monitoring and evidence collected through fans.

We ask for the active cooperation our fans.

Along with the announcement, ABYSS Company also shares how fans can send the evidences they collected, which is through their email:

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Sunmi Bombarded with Malicious Comments and Death Threats

On October 11, the "You Can't Sit With Us" singer took to her social media to personally respond to the malicious comments and death threats she has been receiving while appearing on the Mnet survival program, "Girls Planet 999."

Sunmi is currently on the show as a mentor or "K-Pop master," while also serving as a judge. Although she has been receiving a lot of love and praise for being on "Girls Planet 999," there has been a rise of malicious comments and death threats directed towards her.

(Photo : Instagram: @miyayeah)

On her Twitter account, Sunmi shared a couple of screenshots that she took from a forum that is frequented by viewers of "Girls Planet 999," and has personally addressed the issue.

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Meanwhile, Sunmi treated fans with the release of her new digital single, "Go or Stop?" and its music video on October 11, just a little over two months since the release of third mini-album "1/6" and its lead single "You Can't Sit With Us" on August 6.

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