EXO Kai Confesses His Fashion Habits in Recent Interview

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, EXO member Kai spilled his fashion habits. Keep on reading for all the details!

EXO Kai Confesses His Fashion Habits in Recent Interview
(Photo : Seoul Fashion Week Instagram)

What are EXO Kai's Recent Activities?

On October 12, Teen Vogue released their interview with EXO member Kai. The idol is currently serving as the global ambassador for the Spring/Summer 2022 season of Seoul Fashion Week. During the interview, EXO member Kai spilled on his fashion habits.

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Kai, who has been active as an idol for nearly ten years now, confessed that he uses clothes to express himself. He admits that he thought the only ways he could express himself were through singing or dancing during the start of his career. However, now that he has been active for so many years, he has found other outlets to express himself as an artist.

(Photo : Seoul Fashion Week Instagram)

Kai is accustomed to being surrounded by fashion (the idol has endorsements with several fashion brands), but it was not always like that! In 2014, EXO walked the runway of Seoul Fashion Week. At the time, Kai was 21 years old. He claimed that it was not easy at the time and that he was extremely worried that he would ruin the stage or make a mistake. He even took walking classes for the runway!

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When Kai made an appearance on the program I Live Alone, viewers were able to catch a glimpse of Kai's walk-in closet. Of course, the idol's closet was filled with luxury brands, but that was not the most surprising part. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that many of the clothes still had their original tags on them! This has led many to question the reason why the tags are still there.

(Photo : Seoul Fashion Week Instagram)

Some speculated that Kai could sell those clothes again, with some joking that he might say they are brand new and re-sell them. Others teased the idol by saying he does not watch his clothes! Kai does not take offense to any of these comments; in fact, he finds it funny!

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He states that yes, he does wash his clothes, but he puts the tag back on them. He said this is simply his habit and that while it is really bothersome to do, he started doing it because he wanted to take care of his clothes. The habit lives on to this day.

(Photo : Seoul Fashion Week Instagram)

However, he says that he does take the tags off from his shoes!

Do you have the same habits as Kai? Tell us in the comments below!

EXO Kai's Ambassadorship with Fashion Brands

On September 16, 2019, it was announced that EXO member Kai was selected as the first Korean global ambassador for Gucci Eyewear. He debuted with the brand in their 2019 Fall/Winter eyewear campaign. In 2020, Gucci launched a capsule collection with Kai, making him the first Korean celebrity they have collaborated with. The collection was titled "The Kai Capsule Collection."

(Photo : EXO Twitter)

On October 13, EXO member Kai became the first-ever male muse for cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown. He is also the brand's first Asia Pacific muse.

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