ITZY Reveals How Long It Takes for Them to Learn a Choreography and Lyrics

ITZY Crazy in Love
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Recently on October 16, Seventeen Magazine uploaded a new video onto their Youtube channel for the latest installment of their "Then vs. Now" series. During this episode, JYP Entertainment's rising girl group, ITZY, made a guest appearance, where they talked about learning choreographies, lyrics, and more!

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ITZY Reveals How Long It Takes Them to Learn a Choreography Then Versus Now

After being together and promoting for two and a half years, ITZY was asked about how they changed when it comes to learning their choreography, specifically how long it would usually take them to learn it.

According to Ryujin, in the past they weren't used to memorizing the choreography and doing the performance, as well as matching the certain details needed with each other, hence, it would take a very long time for them to master a choreography.

(Photo : Twitter: @ITZYofficial)

"We take a very long time, like, only memorizing it [the choreography] took two weeks I think. We learned for two weeks," Ryujin said.

However, now that they have worked together for almost three years and have adjusted with each other as fellow members of ITZY, the amount of time they need to learn a choreography has decreased tremendously.

"But now we just only think of memorizing the choreography. Like three days. I think we improved a lot," Ryujin continued.

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ITZY Reveals How Long It Takes Them to Learn Lyrics Then Versus Now

Of course, an important part of any of ITZY's songs are their lyrics. And just like learning a choreography, it can be quite difficult remember words. When ITZY was asked how long they needed to memorize their lyrics, Yeji responded.

For Yeji, it only takes her one day to learn the lyrics; the same amount of time it took her in the past. Hearing this, her fellow ITZY members decided to tease her, saying she "hasn't improved" and is "just staying in the same place, not going forward," causing laughter among the members.

Needless to say, it's amazing that they can memorize lyrics in just a day!

ITZY Crazy in Love
(Photo : Twitter: @ITZYofficial)

Meanwhile, ITZY recently made their comeback with the release of their first studio album, "Crazy In Love," with its lead single "Loco," back on September 24.

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Following the release of the album, ITZY made their debut on Billboard's main album chart, Billboard 200, at No. 5, new personal record for the "Mafia In The Morning" singers.

Aside from that, ITZY is also gearing up for the release of their Japanese debut with their first mini-album "What's ITZY?" under Warner Japan.

Check out the full video here:

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