Oh My Girl YooA Diet and Workout Routine: Here's How the 'Dun Dun Dance' Singer Stays Fit

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YooA gained popularity as the main dancer and lead vocalist of WM Entertainment's girl group, Oh My Girl. With Oh My Girl's debut back in 2015, YooA has been steadily gaining attention, not only for her skills in dancing and singing but also for her amazing proportions!

Just like with a lot of idols, fans look up to YooA as a fitness inspiration and to know more about her diet secrets. With that, how does YooA stay fit? Here's what we know about YooA's diet and workout routine so far!

Oh My Girl YooA's Workout Routine Revealed

YooA currently stands at 161cm (5'3"), with her weight ranging between 44kg to 46kg. Although she isn't the tallest member within Oh My Girl, she has been praised for her amazing proportions that make her look even taller, which gives her a fit physique.

(Photo : Instagram: @yoo__sha)

Prior to making her debut as a member of Oh My Girl, YooA was already slim, which can be attributed to her amazing genes. Hence, YooA didn't have to exercise too much to lose any weight.

When it comes to YooA's workout routine, she revealed in a past interview with Cosmopolitan magazine that she mainly only does one exercise - dancing - which fits her position as the main dancer of the group.

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As YooA is already naturally fit, she just relies on dancing as a way to maintain her physique. In fact, YooA often shares videos of her dance practices on her Instagram account.

(Photo : Instagram: @yoo__sha)

However, YooA didn't mention how long she usually does her dance practices. Although the length of time idols devote to dance practices varies for each idol, a standard for K-Pop idols is usually at least two hours.

Although YooA only dances as a form of workout, it is a great way to burn calories and shed some fat.

Oh My Girl YooA's Diet Plan Revealed

As previously mentioned, YooA is already naturally slim. Hence, she doesn't go on diets too often. in fact, Oh My Girl's agency, WM Entertainment, doesn't restrict them too much when it comes to diets, and would constantly tell them diet in a healthy way - by eating a lot and then working out.

(Photo : Instagram: @yoo__sha)

As for YooA, the secret to her diet is staying away from junk food and those with high seasoning as much as possible.

She also follows a low-sodium diet - avoiding consuming food with too much salt. With that, she usually eats fruits, grilled mushrooms, toasted bananas, or cucumbers.

But of course, YooA doesn't restrict herself too much and eats other food as well, such as pizza, chicken, and meat.

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