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f(x), 1st Place On Mnet 'M! Countdown' Triple Crown!

Breaking News 07.05.12 | 11:05AM EDT

Popular girl group f(x) has won 1st place three times in a row on Mnet "M! Countdown."

Super Junior Comeback, Global Stars, 'Spectacular Return'

Super Junior Comeback, "Spectacular Return" of Global Stars

Breaking News 07.05.12 | 10:32AM EDT

Popular idol group Super Junior has finally returned.


Ji Hyun Woo Attends Yoo In Na's Radio Dinner 'Public Dating To Its Full Extent'

Breaking News 07.05.12 | 08:03AM EDT

Ji Hyun Woo attended Yoo In Na's radio dinner.

Wonder Girls Upcoming Single “Like Money” Release on July 10

Wonder Girls Upcoming Single "Like Money" Release on July 10

Breaking News 07.03.12 | 11:45PM EDT

Popular girl group Wonder Girls is to release a new digital single "Like Money" on July 10.


T-ara's "Day By Day" M/V Finally Released!

Breaking News 07.03.12 | 06:49PM EDT

The music video for T-ara's new song "Day By Day" has been released!


BEAST Comeback, MV Filming In New York!

Breaking News 07.03.12 | 02:48PM EDT

With BEAST's comeback coming up, BEAST has made their way to New York to film their new music video.

CNBlue 4th

CNBLUE's Live Unplugged Concert DVD #4 on Day of Release

Breaking News 07.02.12 | 04:53PM EDT

CNBLUE's live unplugged concert DVD rose to fourth place on the Oricon Chart the day of its release.

Kpop Poll

KpopStarz' Poll to Select Best K-Pop Song and Singer Draws in 1.3 Million Fans Worldwide

Breaking News 07.01.12 | 01:08AM EDT

KpopStarz conducted a survey with the theme "Fans Select The Best K-Pop Song and Singer in The First Half of 2012", with three branching questions over the course of three weeks.

Which Artist Best Represents K-Pop During the First Half of 2012?

JYJ Jaejoong Voted as Best K-Pop Artist during First Half of 2012

Breaking News 07.01.12 | 12:32AM EDT

JYJ Jaejoong took first place on KpopStarz poll asking “Which Artist Best Represents K-Pop During the First Half of 2012?”

YG Partners With Cheil Industries To Create New Global Business 'Fashion Wave'

YG Partners With Cheil Industries To Create New Global Business 'Fashion Wave'

Breaking News 06.28.12 | 08:14AM EDT

YG and Cheil Industries partner together for a new fashion brand.

MBLAQ G.O-Mir, Unit Single 'Wild' Teaser Released!

MBLAQ G.O-Mir, Unit Single 'Wild' Teaser Released!

Breaking News 06.26.12 | 11:10AM EDT

Idol group MBLAQ members G.O and Mir have released their unit single Wild's teaser.

SHINee, Official Japan Fanclub To Open This Fall

SHINee, Official Japan Fanclub To Open This Fall

Breaking News 06.26.12 | 10:55AM EDT

Idol group SHINee will open their official Japan Fanclub this fall.

SISTAR's Hyorin Diss 'M Countdown',

SISTAR's Hyorin Diss 'M Countdown', "She's So Cool" vs. "Rude"

Headlines 06.17.12 | 07:55PM EDT

SISTAR member Hyorin's 'broadcasting station diss' is arousing a battle among the internet users.

Kpop Poll Result

Wonder Girls 'DJ is Mine', Best K-pop Song During the First Half of 2012

Breaking News 06.17.12 | 12:28AM EDT

Wonder Girls’ ‘DJ is Mine’ took first place with 32.6% on KpopStarz’s first part of the poll to ‘Select the Best K-Pop Song During the First Half of 2012.’

T-ARA's Eighth Member Ahreum Official Profile Revealed

T-ARA’s Eighth Member, Ahreum, Official Profile Revealed

Headlines 06.14.12 | 04:07PM EDT

Girl group T-ara's new member AhReum was revealed to be the top student of her class in high school.


Stepping Up From Failure, A Wonderful Success Story- BEAST

Breaking News 06.09.12 | 05:14PM EDT

"I felt that with all of them together they would be able to create great happiness for their fans"

SM Film ‘IAM’ Confirms Premiere Release in Korea on June 21

SM Film ‘IAM’ Confirms Premiere Release in Korea on June 21

Breaking News 06.08.12 | 09:02AM EDT

SM Entertainment’s documentary film ‘IAM’ distributor CJ E&M confirmed the release date on June 21.


EXO Fans Worldwide Prepares EXO Half Year Project

Breaking News 06.07.12 | 05:04PM EDT

Exotic Faces Project is the main event that the International Union of EXO fan clubs is preparing for, they will make photo book and XXL poster with each face of EXO worldwide fans will be made.

big bang shake

Mobile Game 'Big Bang Shake' Becomes Top Game in 24 Countries!

Breaking News 05.24.12 | 10:30PM EDT

The rhythm action game 'Big Bang Shake' was revealed to get first place as the top app, with 200,000 downloads within two days of release.

Minho, Sulli

SM Entertainment's Drama to Release in August - SHINee, f(x) As Lead Roles

Breaking News 05.24.12 | 05:27PM EDT

A Korean media reported SHINee’s Minho and f(x)’s Sulli has been confirmed to take the leading role and will begin to air on Wednesday and Thursday on SBS in August. This is different from the originally announcement to be aired every Monday and Tuesday.

a-nation 2012

Big Bang, TVXQ, 2NE1, U-KISS to Join 'a-nation' in Japan!

Breaking News 05.24.12 | 02:32PM EDT

The large scale music event 'a-nation' announced that TVXQ, Big Bang, 2NE1, and U-KISS will perform at their event this coming August.

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