There is no ignoring the visual innovation of BEAST singer Yong Junhyung's new music video

Review: Yong Junhyung of BEAST's New Music Video For 'Flower' Is Edgy And Creative [VIDEO]

Endorsement 12.23.13 | 04:59PM EST

When the first sequence of a music video shows the artist's head in a box, pretty much anything is possible.

Psy Tells Crowd At Moonlight Gymnastics Show That Unlike 'Gentleman,' His New Song Will Showcase The Return Of His 'Gangsta Attitude'

Breaking News 12.23.13 | 02:32PM EST

Psy is getting ready to return to his hardcore hip-hop roots, and according to the K-pop King of YouTube, he couldn't be happier about it.


Hottest K-pop Music Couples of All Time

Editorial 12.24.13 | 09:24AM EST

Hottest K-pop Music Couples of All Time

G.O Of MBLAQ Rips Into Women Sense Reporters For Alleging He Set Up So Ji Sub And After School's Jooyeon On A Date

Breaking News 12.23.13 | 01:25PM EST

G.O of the five-member K-pop boy band MBLAQ is fuming over a recent Women Sense article stating he set up actor So Ji Sub on a date with After School singer Jooyeon.


Who is the Best Female Sub-Unit Team of all Time?

OP-ED 12.24.13 | 09:24AM EST

Who is the Best Female Sub-Unit Team of all Time?

There's no denying that the scheduled duo performance from Lee Hyori and 2NE1 rapper CL on Sunday is currently K-pop's most anticipated collaboration.

K-Pop Collaboration: Lee Hyori And CL Of 2NE1 Hold Closed Door Meetings To Plan Their Gayo Daejun Performance

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.23.13 | 11:20AM EST

There's no denying that the scheduled duo performance from Lee Hyori and 2NE1 rapper CL on Sunday is currently K-pop's most anticipated collaboration.


What CNBLUE and F.T. Island can learn from ONE OK ROCK

OP-ED 12.24.13 | 09:22AM EST

There is a nitch currently in the Korean music scene. And after a visit to a JRock concert in Seoul, I hope CNBLUE and F.T. Island will realize their potential and try to fill that nitch.


Music Video Review: B&H's "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Features 12.23.13 | 08:02AM EST

After 3 teasers and hints about what their version of the Mariah Carey Christmas song classic was going to sounds like, the music video for YG's newest duo B&H was finally released on the 20th of December primarily through their official YouTube channel.


Who is the Best Male Sub-Unit Team of all Time?

OP-ED 12.23.13 | 08:02AM EST

Best Male Sub-Unit Team of all Time?


Best "K-pop Star" Performances in Season 3

OP-ED 12.23.13 | 08:02AM EST

Best "K-pop Star" Performances in Season 3


K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories in American News (Week of December 15 - December 22)

Weekly Wrap Up 12.23.13 | 08:02AM EST

K-pop news is not only in South Korea, it is reaching other countries globally especially the United States.


Psy Shared That He Wasn't Happy About 'Gentleman'

Editorial 12.23.13 | 08:03AM EST


So Loved Awards

World K-pop Highlight: The Impact of K-pop Through Europe's 4th So-Loved Awards

Editorial 12.24.13 | 09:19AM EST

It's the 4th time for the "So-Loved Awards" and this year it also has been talked about not only in Europe but also around the world


SHINEe: Subtly But Always in Spotlight - 2013 Year in Review, A Recap

Editorial 01.06.14 | 03:23AM EST

To prove the line of activities and schedules that the boys had to accomplish this year, here's a quick recap of their 2013!

CL is

10 Great Things That Happened in K-Pop This Year (And 3 We Could Have Done Without)

Editorial 12.22.13 | 12:53AM EST

2013 was a great year for K-Pop, and here's why!

Solo Yong Junhyung’s ‘Fleeting Popularity’? [Interview]

BEAST's Junhyung Talks About Being Compared to G-Dragon

Editorial 12.23.13 | 07:58AM EST

Junhyung has nothing but admiration for Big Bang leader G-Dragon


K-Pop Christmas Songs to Get You Ready for the Holidays

Editorial 12.21.13 | 03:41AM EST

Christmas songs from some of your favorite K-Pop stars!!

The hosts of Danny From LA

K-Pop Crossover: Danny Im Dishes The Dirt On Diplo's New G-Dragon, CL, Skrillex Collaboration

Music Show / Music Chart 12.20.13 | 06:00PM EST

The hosts of the Mnet program "Danny From LA" are still reeling from Diplo's announcement that he has a song in the can with Big Bang's G-Dragon, 2NE1 rapper CL and electronic artist Skrillex.

Producers Deny 'You Who Came From The Stars' Plagiarized Korean Comic Book 'Seol Hee'

Breaking News 12.20.13 | 02:38PM EST

The producers of the SBS program "You Who Came From The Stars" are denying writer Kang Kyung Ok's allegation that they stole the concept of their television show from her comic book "Seol Hee."

CL and G-Dragon to be featured on Diplo's solo album.

K-Pop Crossover: Diplo To Feature CL And G-Dragon On Project Album, And Other Idols Featured On English Albums!

Features 12.20.13 | 02:30PM EST

Some K-pop idols feature English artists on their albums, but how many Korean artists have been featured on English albums?

Jaejoong and JYJ, Separate But Fine

JYJ and Jaejoong, 'Shines Bright Both as a Group and as a Solo Artist'

Features 12.20.13 | 10:37AM EST

JYJ shines brightly on the stage when they perform together, but when they function individually, their distinct color shines ever definitely.

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