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Another Witness Speaks Up about 2PM Nichkhun's Accident "He Took Care of The Victim"

Breaking News 07.30.12 | 08:38AM EDT

Another witness who saw Nichkhun's accident speaks out about criticisms against the member

T-ARA's Agency Reveals Hwayoung's Outburst's of Actions During Live Performance

T-ARA's Agency Reveals Hwayoung's Outburst of Actions During Live Performance

Hot Issues 07.30.12 | 08:28AM EDT

T-ARA's agency reveals Hwayoung's actions from a live performance.

'T-ARA Termination' Hwayoung Opens her Mouth, 'Facts That Aren't True'

'T-ARA Termination' Hwayoung Opens Her Mouth, 'Facts That Aren't True'

Hot Issues 07.30.12 | 08:17AM EDT

After Hwayoung's termination from the group, she posted a message on twitter that ginned much attention.

T-ARA Hwayoung Terminates Contract! 19 Staff Members State their Opinions

T-ARA Hwayoung Terminates Contract! 19 Staff Members State their Opinions

Hot Issues 07.30.12 | 07:48AM EDT

T-ARA member Hwayoung has officially terminated her contract with the group. On July 30, Core Contents Media stated, "The agency as well as 19 of the staff members have agreed to Hwayoung's termination due to the fact that she had a 'freelance' contract with the group


Police Investigating Nichkhun's Drunk Driving Incident, "Both Was At Fault, Not Only One Side"

Interviews 07.30.12 | 03:53AM EDT

Nichkhun's drunk driving accident was revealed to be both sides' fault.


T-ARA Eunjung, Asked to be Removed from Programs by Internet Users Because of 'Outcast' Controversy

Stars on TV / Movies 07.29.12 | 10:44PM EDT

As T-ARA is being surrounded by outcast controversy, Eunjung is being affected by it. Many viewers have been increasingly asking the staff to remove Eunjung from the programs she comes out in.


T-ARA, "Bullying" Scandal is the Worst Since Their Debut

Hot Issues 07.29.12 | 09:57PM EDT

T-ARA has been suffering with the worst scandal since their debut involving their member Hwayoung.

Ex-Super Junior Member Hangeng Gets Caught Up In A Scandal

Ex-Super Junior Member Hangeng Gets Caught Up In A Scandal

Hot Issues 07.29.12 | 05:34PM EDT

Previous Super Junior member Hangeng becomes topic of much talk due to scandal

T-ARA Representative, is Going to Announce Big News

T-ARA Entertainment Company to Announce Big News!?

Hot Issues 07.28.12 | 09:46AM EDT

On 28th, T-ARA Entertainment company Core Contents Media announced that they will release a big news regarding the group.

2PM Nichkhun

2PM Nichkhun's Black Box Video From His Car Revealed

Hot Issues 07.28.12 | 08:05AM EDT

Nichkhun's video from his black box containing the footage of the accident was recently released.


T-ARA Members' Tweet Surrounding Hwayoung... Heats Up the Crowd

Hot Issues 07.27.12 | 09:59PM EDT

The tweets of T-ARA members aimed at Hwayoung are becoming a big issue.

siwon opinion nichkhun

Super Junior Siwon's Opinion on 2PM Nichkhun's Incident, "Let's Give Him Time to Reflect"

Hot Issues 07.27.12 | 04:29PM EDT

Super Junior Siwon states his opinion about Nichkhun's drinking incident.

2PM Nichkhun

2PM Nichkhun's Drunk Driving Accident, '4 Types of Critcism'

Hot Issues 07.27.12 | 02:31PM EDT

On July 24, 2PM member Nichkhun was caught driving under the influene and crashing into another vehicle. His blood alcohol content at that time was 0.056%.


JYP "Nichkhun Wanted Time For Himself... Will Not Be Attending JYP Nation Concert in August"

Hot Issues 07.27.12 | 07:29AM EDT

JYP Entertainment revealed their side's story about 2PM Nichkhun's car accident.


MBC "Idol Star Olympics" Does Not Edit Nichkhun Out From His Match

Concert / Event 07.27.12 | 05:31AM EDT

After 2PM Nichkhun's drunk driving car accident, MBC "Idol Star Olympics" was aired without Nichkhun being edited out.

Park Tae Hwan Expresses his Thoughts on Scandal with Wonder Girls Sunye 4 Years Ago

Park Tae Hwan Expresses his Thoughts on Scandal with Wonder Girls Sunye 4 Years Ago

Hot Issues 07.26.12 | 04:23PM EDT

Gold medalist Park Tae Hwan talks about his scandal with Wonder Girls Sunye.

'Are They Trying to Kill Nichkhun?' New Context Arise From Witnesses

'Are They Trying to Bring Down Nichkhun?' New Context Arises from Witnesses

Hot Issues 07.26.12 | 11:29AM EDT

2PM member Nichkhun, who was caught drinking and driving and causing an accident, had witnesses say they saw him at a convenience store after the accident not drinking a soda.


2PM Nichkhun Writes a Personal Apology on Twitter About His Drunk Driving Incident

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 07.26.12 | 09:05AM EDT

2PM Nichkhun after his drunk driving incident issued a personal apology through his Twitter

JYP Entertainment Announces Nichkhun's Temporary Discontinuation of Activities

JYP Entertainment Announces Nichkhun's Temporary Discontinuation of Activities

Hot Issues 07.26.12 | 08:35AM EDT

2PM Nichkhun will be stopping all activities due to his drunk driving accident.

jang jane surgery rumors

Jane Jang Talks Back, "My Schedule's Too Busy for Plastic Surgery"

Buzz 07.25.12 | 03:14PM EDT

Jane Jang personally responds to her rumors of plastic surgery.

phone numbers internet

Girls' Generation's (SNSD) Cell Numbers Loose on the Internet?

Stars on TV / Movies 07.25.12 | 03:01PM EDT

Girls' Generation's (SNSD) cell numbers are being spread through the internet.

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