Big Bang

Heize Wins

Heize Wins "Inkigayo' For The First Time Ever Plus Other Performances From Big Bang, Seventeen and B1A4

Stars on TV / Movies 12.19.16 | 04:04AM EST

Female solo rapper Heize has won SBS "Inkigayo" yesterday. It was her first time winning a music show trophy. Other performances where from Big Bang who made a comeback and Seventeen and B1A4.

Big Bang To Guest On Weekly Idol

Big Bang To Guest On Weekly Idol

Stars on TV / Movies 12.16.16 | 04:39AM EST

Big Bang is confirmed to appear as guests on MBC Every1's "Weekly Idol".

Cover album of the

Big Bang’s new album “Made Full Album” tops the chart in Korea and international

Hot Issues 12.14.16 | 11:31PM EST

Within one day of its release, the album sweeps the Korean music chart. Big Bang is back!

SBS Gayo Daejun

What to expect from SAF 2016?

Hot Issues 12.13.16 | 03:43AM EST

SBS Gayo Daejun or also known as SAF will have explosive performances this year. it will feature artists like Big Bang, Sech Kies and EXO. It will also have super rookie groups like Twice, Seventeen, Blackpink and Gfriend.

[Song and MV Review] Big Bang 'Fxxk It' and 'Last Dance'

[Song and MV Review] Big Bang 'Fxxk It' and 'Last Dance'

Reviews 12.13.16 | 03:33AM EST

A review of Big Bang's music video and songs 'Fxxk It' and 'Last Dance' in their latest "MADE" the full album.


YG Entertainment explains details behind Big Bang comeback on December 12

Headlines 12.11.16 | 12:02AM EST

Big Bang is making a comeback on December 12. An interview with a YG representative revealed the reason behind choosing this date. They will be releasing "MADE THE FULL ALBUM" along with new tracks too. Such will be the last album of the whole group as T.O.P is set to join military service from February next year.

Big Bang

Big Bang countdowns release of ‘MADE’ full album

Headlines 12.08.16 | 11:45PM EST

Big Bang and YG Entertainment posted a countdown picture for the release of "MADE" full album.

Big Bang Reveals Teaser Photo For ‘Last Dance’ Track

Big Bang reveals teaser photo for ‘Last Dance’ track

Headlines 12.07.16 | 02:26AM EST

Big Bang and YG entertainment revealed another teaser photo for "MADE - THE FULL ALBUM" and another title track "Last Dance."

Big Bang on Infinite Challenge last 2011.

Big Bang to feature on 'Infinite Challenge'

Stars on TV / Movies 12.06.16 | 01:12PM EST

It's always sweeter the second time around, and the same goes for Big Bang on their second guesting as a group on "Infinite Challenge."

BIG BANG ‘MADE’ Full Album Reveals ‘Fxxk It’ Teaser

BIG BANG ‘MADE’ full album reveals ‘Fxxk It’ teaser

Headlines 12.06.16 | 02:44AM EST

YG Entertainment has released another teaser for BIG BANG's "MADE" Full Album. YG also revealed ‘Fxxk It’ teaser.

Lack of YG Artists (Big Bang) Affected MAMA 2016 Ratings

Did absence of YG artists (Big Bang) Affected MAMA 2016 ratings?

Headlines 12.05.16 | 12:10PM EST

MAMA 2016 ratings have been very low this year. Was it because Big Bang is not present? Or is it just because MAMA is really getting boring?

Official poster  of T.O.P for the promotion of Big Bang new album

JYJ’s Junsu, Big Bang’s T.O.P. have to report for duty for his military conscription in February

Headlines 11.24.16 | 07:44AM EST

JYJ member Junsu and Big Bang rapper T.O.P. are already scheduled to enter their mandatory military conscription. They are both enlisted as police officers and will report for duty on February.

Promotional poster of Big Bang new album

Big Bang set date for comeback album ‘Made’ next month

Headlines 11.24.16 | 07:22AM EST

Big Bang has prepared their comeback album titled “Made” before their members enter mandatory military conscription. They promised that their comeback will be an epic one.

BIGBANG perform on the stage during a concert at the K-Collection In Seoul on March 11, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea.

BIGBANG films new MV talks about their 10th anniversary concert

Trending News 11.18.16 | 10:19PM EST

V.I.P.s all over the globe, good news! Finally, BIGBANG is set to have a comeback.

Big Bang perform on the stage during a concert at the K-Collection In Seoul on March 11, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea.

All Big Bang members will enter mandatory military conscription starting this year

Trending News 11.17.16 | 01:49PM EST

All members of hip hop group Big Bang will enter the mandatory conscription starting this year. T.O.P will begin to enter the duty, followed by Taeyang, G-Dragon and the youngest two members.

Choi Seung-Hyun (T.O.P) takes picture together with the acclaimed actor Lee Jung-Jae.

Big Bang member T.O.P now ready to enter mandatory military conscription

Trending News 11.01.16 | 12:47PM EDT

Big Bang rapper T.O.P is prepared for his mandatory military service. He has completed the exam to be conscripted as police officer.

Big Bang G-Dragon

G-Dragon reaches 11 million followers on Instagram, posts hint at Big Bang's Comeback

Trending News 10.21.16 | 01:14PM EDT

Bigbang's G-Dragon has finally reached 11 million followers on Instagram.

GD posts a picture of an old building

Big Bang finishes filming 2 new MVs

Trending News 10.19.16 | 03:46AM EDT

Big Bang has finished filming a miusic video for their much-awaited comeback. They will also film another music video next month as they will have two title tracks for their upcoming comeback.

YG Who's Next

YG ‘Plans’ a November Comeback for Blackpink, AkMu and Big Bang

Headlines 10.11.16 | 06:31AM EDT

Big Bang, Blackpink and Akdong Musician to make a November comeback. YG promises that it will come true this time.

Big Bang

Big Bang and Girls’ Generation Voted as 2016’s Top Korean Groups

Trending News 10.07.16 | 11:14AM EDT

Two famous South Korean bands, the Big Bang and Girls' Generation got the topmost votes for the best Korean groups. The survey also named other hot bands on the list.

Big Bang 10th Anniversary Concert

Watch The Spine-Tingling Video Teaser For Big Bang's 10th Anniversary Concert

Headlines 07.07.16 | 03:13PM EDT

The teaser clip pumps up fan excitement for the boy group's 10th anniversary concert.

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