Show Champion

NU'EST returns with their chart-topping single

NU’EST’s Latest Single ‘Bet Bet’ Gives Them Their First Music Show Triumph

Stars on TV / Movies 05.10.19 | 11:25AM EDT

The May 8 episode of MBC’s “Show Champion” is truly a moment to remember for NU’EST and their LOVEs.


Music Program 'Show Champion' Scheduled To Air A BTS Special?

Headlines 09.18.17 | 11:18PM EDT

Music Program 'Show Champion' Scheduled To Air A BTS Special?


'Show Champion' Addresses Kim Jae Hwan's Use of The 'N' Word

Headlines 08.25.17 | 12:05PM EDT

'Show Champion' Addresses Kim Jae Hwan's Use of The 'N' Word


Rookie Group A.C.E Gains Attention For Its Debut Stage Outfit

Headlines 05.25.17 | 09:06AM EDT

A.C.E has successfully stolen everyone's attention with the members' fancy black shorts during their debut stage performance. The group made their debut stage performance on "Show Champion" on May 24.

G-Friend wins

GFriend Win Another 1st Place Trophy On This Week's 'Show Champion'

Headlines 02.25.16 | 09:12AM EST

The girl group won their 13th trophy for "Rough" during the February 24 episode of 'Show Champion.'


BTS Win Another Trophy For 'Run' During The December 16, 2015 Episode Of 'Show Champion' + Performance Recaps

Headlines 12.17.15 | 10:20AM EST

BTS beat major stars such as EXO and Psy to win another first place trophy.

VIXX win on 'Show Champion'

VIXX Take Another Win For 'Chained Up' On The November 18, 2015 Episode Of 'Show Champion'

Headlines 11.18.15 | 10:11PM EST

VIXX win their second trophy for 'Chained Up' during the November 18 episode of 'Show Champion'

BTOB wins

BTOB Take 1st Win On The October 21 Episode Of 'Show Champion' + Performance Recaps

Headlines 10.22.15 | 09:32AM EDT

BTOB wins their first trophy during the October 21 episode of 'Show Champion.'

GOT7 wins

GOT7 Win 3rd Trophy On The October 20 Episode Of 'The Show' + Performance Recaps

Headlines 10.21.15 | 10:51AM EDT

GOT7 continue dominating on 'The Show' as they won their third trophy.

Girls Generation[SNSD] Tiffany and Taeyeon at the 28th Golden Disk Awards

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Takes Home Her 1st Trophy For 'I' During This Week's 'Show Champion'

Headlines 10.15.15 | 11:44AM EDT

Taeyeon wins #1 on the October 14 episode of MBC's weekly music program.

Ailee win

Ailee Takes Home Her 1st Trophy For 'Mind Your Own Business' On 'Show Champion' + Performance Recaps

Headlines 10.09.15 | 10:22AM EDT

The singer won first place on the October 7 episode of 'Show Champion' with her latest single.


CNBLUE Win #1 On The September 23 Episode Of 'Show Champion'

Headlines 09.24.15 | 08:29AM EDT

CNBLUE win their second trophy for "Cinderella."

Red Velvet win

Red Velvet Take 2nd Music Show Win For 'Dumb Dumb'

Headlines 09.17.15 | 09:32AM EDT

Red Velvet win their second trophy during the September 16 episode of 'Show Champion.'


B1A4 Head Stateside This November For 'Adventure 2015' Showcase In Dallas

Headlines 09.03.15 | 11:09AM EDT

Texas fans interested in seeing the K-pop group live can purchase tickets beginning September 12.

Girls' Generation win

Girls' Generation Take Home Another Trophy On The August 26 Episode Of 'Show Champion' + Performance Recaps

Headlines 08.27.15 | 11:36AM EDT

Girls' Generation win their second trophy on the August 26 episode of 'Show Champion.'

girls generation

Girls' Generation Poses For A Picture With The Winning Trophy After 'Show! Champion'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.27.15 | 01:42AM EDT

Girl group Girls' Generation revealed their trophy from "Show! Champion."


G-Friend Experience Choreography Mishap On 'Show Champion' Stage

Stars on TV / Movies 08.21.15 | 10:56AM EDT

Three members of the girl group experienced a tumble while performing on the MBC music program.

B1A4 wins

B1A4 Take 1st Win For 'Sweet Girl' On MBC's 'Show Champion'

Headlines 08.20.15 | 10:59AM EDT

The five-member boy band won their first music show trophy for their latest single.

SHINee win

SHINee Takes First Win On The August 12 Episode Of 'Show Champion' + Performance Recap

Headlines 08.13.15 | 10:04AM EDT

SHINee won their first trophy for 'Married To The Music.'


SHINee Scores Their First Trophy On 'Show Champion'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.16.15 | 01:43AM EDT

Group SHINee won first place on "Show Champion."

a pink

A Pink Celebrates The First Victory After Comeback On 'Show! Champion'

Stars on TV / Movies 07.31.15 | 06:13PM EDT

Girl group A Pink won their first trophy after their comeback.

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