YouTube Star JRE Of JREKML Gives Us An Inside Look At Where K-Pop And The Internet Collide [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 03.28.15 | 12:39PM EDT

One-half of Miami-based Hallyu YouTube act JREKML recaps the highlights of his career and shares some words of wisdom with his followers.

Misterpopotv on Twitter

Michael Smith-Grant Takes Misterpopotv And Godlike Entertainment To Higher Heights In 2015 [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 03.21.15 | 01:08PM EDT

Exclusive interview with businessman and YouTube K-pop vlogger Misterpopotv as he talks about what's in store for his channel in the new year.

Big Bang

2NE1, Big Bang Represent K-Pop Among 2015 YouTube Music Award Winners

Headlines 03.03.15 | 08:44AM EST

Music videos by the two YG Entertainment artists scored big on YouTube.

VIXX on 1theK's 'Ask in a Box'!

Trendz 02.25.15 | 12:19PM EST

VIXX on 1theK's 'Ask in a Box'!

The Rhodes Bros Teach Us How To

The Rhodes Bros Teach Us How To "Insta-Flirt"

Trendz 02.20.15 | 07:30PM EST

The Rhodes Brothers, who shot to stardom with their coming out video on YouTube, shared some incredible tips for flirting on Instagram -- AKA Insta-flirting!

Even in the face of a mean Tweet, Psy is willing to keep his

K-Pop Sensation Psy Lands Among YouTube's Top 10 Videos As Site Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Headlines 02.16.15 | 09:32AM EST

It will come as no shock that Psy's global phenomenon 'Gangnam Style' is YouTube's most-viewed video to date, but the Korean star doesn't stop there. His follow-up single 'Gentleman' also made the cut.

This Could Be The Most Pointless Tutorial On YouTube

This Could Be The Most Pointless Tutorial On YouTube

Trendz 02.01.15 | 07:10PM EST

"How To Make Toast From Bread" makes absolutely no sense, to the point of being hilarious. But it's worth watching just for laughs!


900 Days After Its Release, Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Video Tops 2.2 Billion Views

Trendz 01.08.15 | 11:25AM EST

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has hit another record in 2015.

Five Nights At Freddy's

‘Five Nights At Freddy's 2' Game Theory Suggests Something Terrifying About The Security Guard And The Puppet

Trending News 01.07.15 | 08:59PM EST

According to "The Game Theorists," "Five Nights at Freddy's 2" is actually a prequel to "Five Nights at Freddy's." Additionally, they have a very frightening theory about who is responsible for the murderous animatronics, and the new enemy, the Puppet.

Girl group AOA has received a total of 30 million views on their music videos released this year.

AOA Receive 30 Million Views For Their 3 Singles Released In 2014

Trending News 12.30.14 | 01:37PM EST

Girl group AOA has received a total of 30 million views on their music videos released this year.

Pharrell Williams Lawyer Threatens YouTube

Irving Azoff News: Music Industry Heavyweight, Representing Pharrell Williams And Others Threatens To Take Off 20,000 Songs From YouTube In A $1 Billion Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Trending News 12.24.14 | 10:40AM EST

According to Irving Azoff, founder of the licensing management firm Global Music Rights, video-sharing website YouTube does not have legal rights to play around 20, 000 songs by his clients including Williams and The Eagles. However, Irving Azoff's clients are finding the takedown process to be frustrating.

GD x Taeyang’s ‘Good Boy’ Music Video Viewed On YouTube Over 24 Million Times Since Being Released 1 Month Ago

GD x Taeyang’s ‘Good Boy’ Music Video Viewed On YouTube Over 24 Million Times Since Being Released 1 Month Ago

Trending News 12.22.14 | 12:41PM EST

GD x Taeyang’s “Good Boy” music video has reached 24 million views in just one month.


5 K-Pop Web Videos You Should Stream Right Now, Part 2

Features 12.23.14 | 08:29AM EST

From makeup tips to an aspiring K-pop star's journey, check out some of our favorite K-pop web series to stream.

Innovation! New YouTube Feature Now Allows Users To Create Their Own GIFs

Trending News 12.16.14 | 10:21PM EST

Now you can go GIF-happy through YouTube

Facebook Creates A Funny Video Tutorial On

Facebook Creates A Funny Video Tutorial On "How To Block Someone"

Trendz 12.13.14 | 11:35AM EST

Did you just go through a breakup and you need a little space? Or maybe you have someone that you want to get off your back? Then watch this hilarious video to learn how to block someone on Facebook.

YouTube News: New YouTube GIF Creator Allows Users To Instantly Create Looping Clip From YouTube Videos But With A Catch! Find Out What Is It?

Trending News 12.13.14 | 10:42AM EST

YouTube, the video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, now has a Graphics Interchange Format file (GIF) creator. When sharing a YouTube video, users can now select a 'GIF' option which allows users to set a start-and-end point on the video, add text and create a gif of up to six seconds in length.

iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate Video Makes YouTube's Most Viewed List Of 2014 As Apple Confirms That Phone Bending Is A Rare Case

Trending News 12.10.14 | 07:08AM EST

The iPhone 6 Plus bendgate video lands as YouTube’s most viewed in 2014.

SMTOWN YouTube Channel

SMTOWN Is The #1 Most Grown YouTube Channel In 2014

Headlines 12.10.14 | 01:57AM EST

SM Entertainment's official YouTube Channel, SMTOWN, was chosen as the most grown domestic Youtube channel in 2014.

Psy’s ‘Hangover’ To Be 2014’s Most Viewed K-Pop Music Video On YouTube

Psy's 'Hangover' Is Most Viewed K-Pop Video Of 2014 On YouTube [VIDEO]

Headlines 12.09.14 | 02:22PM EST

Psy’s “Hangover” music video has become the most viewed K-Pop video for this year.

Balls Running On Escalator Are Strangely Mesmerizing

Balls Running On Escalator Are Strangely Mesmerizing

Trendz 12.07.14 | 07:49PM EST

We don't recommend trying it but watch how these multi-colored balls go down an escalator. It's like live art!

International K-Pop Sensation PSY To Return In 2015 With New Album, Highly-Anticipated New Single 'Daddy'

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Forces YouTube To Expand View Counter Capacity

Headlines 12.03.14 | 08:07PM EST

Contrary to popular belief, Psy did not break the Internet this week (and neither did Kim Kardashian's butt, in case you're just joining us).


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