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ILLAP's video for

Editor's Pick: Let ILLAP Take You On A Gravity-Defying Trip In Their New Music Video For 'Slot Machine' [VIDEO]

New Release 03.14.14 | 08:26PM EDT

ILLAP's video for "Slot Machine" is nothing short of remarkable.


Junggigo And Soyou Of Sistar's 'Some' Holds Onto Number 1 Spot On Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100 For Fourth Consecutive Week

Music Show / Music Chart 03.13.14 | 07:46PM EDT

The "You Who Came From The Stars" soundtrack continues its epic stranglehold on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100, as the top three chart positions are a mirror image of last week.

K-pop's hottest new supergroup has got to be Toheart.

Review: Key Of SHINee And Woohyun Of Infinite Bring The Funk On 'You're My Lady' With Their New Duo Project Toheart [AUDIO]

New Release 03.13.14 | 06:33PM EDT

K-pop's hottest new supergroup has got to be Toheart.

The Band With Idol-like Popularity NELL and The Idol With Band-like Musicianship CNBLUE

The Band With Idol-like Popularity NELL and The Idol With Band-like Musicianship CNBLUE

Reviews 03.13.14 | 10:18AM EDT

NELL is a band that has members in their mid thirties and has played together for 14 years. Their music is distinct but popular. CNBLUE is an idol group that's been together for 5 years with musical talents that are shown through their instruments.

Girls' Generation perform 'Wait A Minute + Mr.Mr.' on Mnet's

K-Pop Double-Take: Girls' Generation Gives A Nod To Britney Spears In The Hooky 'Goodbye' From The 'Mr.Mr.' EP [AUDIO]

New Release 03.12.14 | 07:26PM EDT

Though the big headline for the new Girls' Generation EP "Mr.Mr." was all about the title track's hard-hitting electro sound, one of the other album highlights is the more organic, "Goodbye."

Yang Dong Geun in the video for the song

Editor's Pick: Yang Dong Geun Shows The Classy Side Of Korean Rap In The Retro-Jazzy 'JAJAJA' Featuring Dynamic Duo, Crush [VIDEO]

Endorsement 03.12.14 | 03:38PM EDT

the new Yang Dong Geun track "JAJAJA," featuring Crush and the rap group Dynamic Duo is danceable and upbeat, but there is something else; an almost Miles Davis-kind of cool that was the trademark of nearly all the great 1990s hip-hop.

CNBLUE Cant Stop Group

[Album Review] CNBLUE 'Can't Stop' Churning Out Hits With Their 5th EP

New Release 03.10.14 | 12:52AM EDT

CNBLUE comes back on the Korean music scene, sporting a more mature look and sound for their 5th mini album. Let's take a closer look with this album review of 'Can't Stop'.

Lim Kim

K-Pop Double-Take: Lim Kim Is Mesmerizing On Zizo's 1980s-Influenced 'Winter of Haeundae' [VIDEO]

New Release 03.07.14 | 08:20PM EST

Lim Kim and Zizo's "Winter of Haeundae"harkens back to the era of acid washed jeans and feathered back hair.

Sistar singer Soyou and vocalist Junggigo

Junggigo & Soyou Of Sistar's 'Some' Still Number 1 In Fourth Week On The Billboard K-Pop Hot 100: 2NE1 Debuts At Number 2

New Release 03.06.14 | 09:54PM EST

For the most part, the Billboard K-pop top five looks the same as last week, with two fairly major additions, 2NE1 and Girls' Generation.

Spacecowboy releases his latest single

K-Pop Indie Spotlight: Spacecowboy Has Us 'Falling' For His New Single And EP

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.05.14 | 11:09PM EST

On March 5, electro-pop sensation Spacecowboy dropped is latest EP 'Exremely' and the title track "Falling" featuring Soul Drive


2NE1, Intergalactic In 'Come Back Home' MV

New Release 03.05.14 | 07:54AM EST

“Nowadays, people would rather talk or ‘meet’ via their smartphones instead of having a face-to-face conversation. Not only that, more and more people become addicted to these online games that create virtual worlds."

A YouTube still from Bestie's

Review: BESTie Gets Pulses Racing On The Duble Sidekick-Produced 'Thank U Very Much' [VIDEO]

New Release 03.04.14 | 05:59PM EST

BESTie's "Thank You Very Much" has a cascade of catchy pop hooks that are difficult to resist.

2NE1 are otherworldly in 'Come Back Home'.

2NE1 Capture Cinematic Brilliance With Their 'Come Back Home' Video

New Release 03.03.14 | 10:34AM EST

Inspired by science fiction, the newest 2NE1 video was well worth the wait.


Review: 숨[suːm] Bring Traditional Korean Instruments To The Dance Floor In Darius Darek's 'New Krautrock Refix' Remix Of 'Rendezvous' [AUDIO]

New Release 02.25.14 | 02:54PM EST

The Seoul-based ensemble 숨[su:m], who favor mostly traditional acoustic stringed instruments, have found new life in a remix by urban global dance network.

The cover of Mark James Russell's 'K-Pop Now!' features some of the hottest stars in K-Pop.

Book Review: Mark James Russell Explores The Leaders of Korean Pop In 'K-Pop Now!'

New Release 02.25.14 | 02:36AM EST

In his follow up to 'Pop Goes Korea', author Mark James Russell examines the best artists in K-Pop.

CNBLUE's 'Can't Stop' is an aurally pleasing follow up to 'RE:Blue'.

Album Review: CNBLUE Show Musical Mastery With 'Can't Stop'

New Release 02.24.14 | 09:25AM EST

'Can't Stop' is a mini album whose appeal will resonate with the most discerning rock fans.

Junggigo & Soyou's 'Some' Featuring Lil Boi Of Geeks Tops Billboard K-Pop Hot 100

Music Show / Music Chart 02.20.14 | 02:34PM EST

"Some" from Junggigo & Soyou and featuring Lil Boi of the group Geeks, jumped two positions into the number one spot on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100, this week.


Editor's Pick: We Dare You To Listen To BtoB's 'Beep Beep' And Not Get The Hook Stuck In Your Head [VIDEO]

New Release 02.20.14 | 12:56PM EST

In a South Korean music scene cluttered with boy bands, the members of BtoB rock the mic like they have something to prove on "Beep Beep."


Review: Ex-Wonder Girl Sunmi Gets Her 'Twilight' On In The Gothic 'Full Moon' Featuring Lena [VIDEO]

New Release 02.19.14 | 07:31PM EST

K-pop continues to dabble in the occult, as former Wonder Girl Sunmi offers up a music video for "Full Moon" that has both the darkness and the epic romantic flourishes of one of the "Twilight" films.

K-Pop Crossover (Video): Nylon Pink Tears Through a Cover of Kuda Komi’s Final Fantasy Song “Real Emotion”

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.17.14 | 11:09AM EST

K-Pop Crossover (Video): Nylon Pink Tears Through a Cover of Kuda Komi’s Final Fantasy Song “Real Emotion”

Brown Eyed Soul's new

Review: Brown Eyed Soul Finally Lives Up To Their Name On The Retro Funk Gem 'BES Theme' From 'Thank Your Soul' [AUDIO]

New Release 02.14.14 | 08:56PM EST

On "BES Theme," the opening song from Brown Eyed Soul's new "Thank Your Soul" album, the group is in full funk form

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