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A Pink's Na-Eun reveals why she doesn't speak much during radio and talk show interviews

By Carlo Rodriguez | October 19, 2016 10:24 PM EDT


Girl group A Pink had recently appeared on the SBS radio show Kim Chang Ryul's Old School and during their guesting, all eyes were on member Son Na Eun when a listener sent a message saying "Na Eun spoke." You can't help but feel the awe that the fan expressed upon hearing Na Eun speak. It's not that Na Eun hasn't spoken before, it's just that whenever A Pink appear as guests on radio and talk shows, you can notice that she doesn't talk that often, not as much as her fellow members do. Now, finally everyone knows why.

Of course, DJ Kim Chang Ryul had immediately picked up on the listener's remarks and quickly asked if Na Eun does not normally talk so much.

"Na-Eun normally does talk well, but whenever she comes out on variety shows or radio, she talks less." Fellow A Pink member Bomi answered.

Na Eun then began to explain why people think she doesn't speak much. "It's because I am always conscious about those around me, I often miss my timing to talk." The 22-yeard old said. She pretty much has a good reason for not speaking much though. For idol groups, especially those with many members, members should be pretty aware of how much time they should speak so that others could have the chance to speak as well. In Na Eun's case though, it would appear as though she is too conscious of her timing that it often ends up with her not speaking much at all. It only shows how considerate she is of her fellow members, a great quality to have in a group.

Bomi, however, jokingly promised that from now on, Na Eun will always be the first to speak.

During their guest appearance on the show, the girls also talked about their 'innocent" concept and how they're not going to let it go. Eunji explained that if they let their innocent concept go, it would feel like they will be retiring.

A Pink had just released their newest album "Pink Revolution" in late September and as reported by Soompi, the girls are now currently on a promotional tour.

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