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NU’EST fans to resist unfair treatment by Pledis Entertainment against group

By Staff Reporter | December 07, 2016 03:15 PM EST


For a long time, L.O.V.E. had been disappointed with the lack of attention NU'EST had been getting from Pledis Entertainment. Fans have said that NU'EST had got less the short end of the stick on all matters. Mentioned below are some of the problems.

Prior announcement on official schedules is lacking

The uploading of the boys' schedule was done late which means the fans did not know about the attended schedules. Thus fans could not attend the events, in which NU'EST participated. Sometimes when a weekly schedule was uploaded some of the official performances were missed out. By overlapping each other the plans were scheduled which meant the cancellation of one event and fans were not previously informed. Sometimes cancellation of an event was uploaded.

Promotions of albums

In the middle of album promotions in Korea, NU'EST promotions were cut off as the boys had to head to overseas concerts. Due to this, the boys had to take the subways and buses for promotions and they did not have any manager.

Promotions in excess in Japan and other countries and none in Korea

The fact that NU'EST's album has only been promoted in Japan led to fans becoming puzzled really unhappy, as they are first and foremost a South Korean group. During their stay in South Korea for one year and seven months, NU'EST performed three concerts and three albums in Japan. In Japan, they were so much focused that it was hard to have Korean promotions for NU'EST. They also could not cancel their pre-determined Japanese promotions.

No care paid on official sites

Since 2014 NU'EST fan café was not updated and hence fans could not get updates since 2013. Again since February 2015 the official pages were not updated and portal sites list the activities of boys till 2014.

Responses from fans have been demanded from Pledis Entertainment and they are expecting a reply. 

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