MONSTA X Minhyuk Expresses Gratitude and Regret on Leaving SBS 'Inkigayo'

MONSTA X Minhyuk at Inkigayo
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MONSTA X member Minhyuk has expressed his emotions in his last appearance as an MC of the SBS music show Inkigayo.

Together with his co-hosts NCT's Jaehyun and APRIL's Naeun, the MC trio who have hosted the show and entertained audiences around the world since October 20, 2019 has formally left Inkigayo, with their finale airing last February 28. Known among fans as the MC MinNaHyun trio, the three K-Pop idols received positive reviews for their chemistry as co-hosts, positive energy, and wit and humor during exchanges for the past 16 months.

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In a statement, Inkigayo PD Jeong Ik Seung explains what made MC MinNaHyun memorable over the show's almost twenty-year history: "Minhyuk, Naeun, and Jaehyun have been the longest-serving MC trio who were together without any replacements."

The Inkigayo production director also expressed his gratitude to the three hosts for bringing bright energy to the show for a year and four months, noting even the change in the show environment - from the traditional open and live broadcast to a zero-audience broadcast due to restrictions imposed by the global coronavirus pandemic.

"We are sadder than anyone else because they have been number one in our hearts since we pushed for MC MinNaHyun," PD Jeong added. However, while they were the show hosts, all three of them have "recorded career highs" in their respective music careers. "So even though they are breaking up as an MC trio, the past year and four months will remain an unforgettable memory for everyone." 

In a statement from Starship Entertainment, where MONSTA X and Minhyuk are signed under, the MC said: "I was nervous and nervous when I was the first regular MC in a program that I dreamed of becoming a singer since I was young, but it's already been a year and four months, and I'm so sad that I'm getting more and more affection for all of my younger brothers who worked with such good producers."

Minhyuk added that he learned a lot since working with such good people, expressing confidence that he will be able to do things in the future because of the encouragement he received.

"Thank you to the viewers who have loved and supported MinNaHyun every Sunday. Lastly, MONBEBE, I will come back with a better appearance," Minhyuk concluded.

Meanwhile, SBS's Inkigayo continues to air with its new trio of MCs - NCT's Sungchan, IZ*ONE's Yu Jin, and TREASURE's Jihoon. As for Minhyuk, he still hosts Naver NOW's VogueShip Show aside from his activities with MONSTA X.

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