BTS 'Butter' Plagiarized? Original Composer of 'Monster in My Pocket' Soundtrack Addresses Controversy

One of the original composers of the background music for the Japanese game "Monster in My Pocket" has responded to the plagiarism controversy surrounding BTS's "Butter."

Recently, BTS's "Butter" has become a hot topic in a way that it is allegedly copied from the "Monster in My Pocket" soundtrack.

The original composer since then commented on the plagiarism issue regarding the K-pop song and BGM.

BTS Butter
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Original Composer of Monster in My Pocket Soundtrack Responds to Plagiarism Controversy Involving BTS Butter

On July 20, Kojo Nakamura released a statement through his blog regarding the plagiarism controversy concerning BTS's "Butter" and "Monster in My Pocket" background music.

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While there were claims that "Butter" sounded the same as the "Monster in My Pocket" soundtrack, the original composer of the game music said that it was not plagiarism.

Nakamura stated that he was surprised to see that BTS's "Butter" and the BGM of the Japanese game he was in charge of was the same.

BTS Butter
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"Monster in My Pocket" composer added that BTS might have known about it, but he didn't know about the K-pop group's song "Butter."

Kojo Nakamura then shared, "When I listened to it (BTS's Butter), I think it's definitely similar, but I think it's just a coincidence that I hear a similar melody."

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He later noted, "In the context of the article, it was claimed that the two music were 'not at the sampling level, but it sounds exactly the same,' but I, the original composer, did not say a word. I wonder who said that."

(Photo : BTS Japan Twitter)

"Monster in My Pocket" composer concluded that he doesn't mind because the rights of the background music for the Japanese game belong to the company (Konami).

"But it's quite interesting that the BGM I made is becoming a hot topic," Kojo Nakamura commented.

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BTS Jimin Butter Jacket Preview Clip and Concept Clip Gain Millions of Views in the Shortest Time

Meanwhile, the jacket preview clip and concept clip featuring BTS Jimin for the group's "Butter" CD have set records in terms of views.

BTS Jimin Butter
(Photo : Big Hit Music Twitter)

On July 20, BTS revealed the "Butter" jacket preview clip for each member. Among them, the video showing Jimin was the only one among the seven clips to surpass seven million views (YouTube and Twitter).

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BTS Jimin's "Butter" jacket preview clip is the fastest to reach the seven-million mark and the first and only video within the boy group to achieve the milestone.

In addition to "Butter," the "Permission to Dance" clip featuring BTS member Jimin quickly exceeded 4.63 million views, the fastest one to do so and the highest number of views among the seven videos, which were released on July 18.

BTS Jimin Butter
(Photo : Big Hit Music Twitter)

Furthermore, the "Butter" concept clip presenting BTS Jimin, which was first dropped on May 6 at midnight KST, was the last to be revealed but it was the most popular at the time.

The video surpassed two million views soon after its release, and so far, it is the first and only to hit five million views.

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