JYP vs PSY Casting War Begins: Who Will Create the Best Boy Group?

Psy and JYP's casting battle at "LOUD" begins. Will there be a reversal of contestants?

The broadcast of "LOUD" last week was filled with the first broadcast of "Casting Round." This is where JYP and P-Nation will select members to debut in their prestigious companies.

What is "LOUD"?

"LOUD" is the latest audition survival program that came from JYP Entertainment founder Park Jinyoung and P-Nation creator PSY. They will both create two new boy groups that will debut from their own agencies.

(Photo : SBS Loud)

Last May 21, SBS revealed some promotional videos that feature few of the trainees confirmed to be participating in the show.

The show's first broadcast was aired last June 5 at 9:00 p.m. KST. The production house didn't release more information and the trainees information before the first airing.

"LOUD" is very unique because both JYP and PSY will be creating their own idol groups from the winners of the show. This means that the title "IDOL" won't be given to only one, but two boy groups.

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JYP vs PSY Casting Round Begins

The surprising reversal of the latest episode was "Casting Hold" made by "Krump Genius" Goki. It has been a shocking result not only for the participants, production team, but also for the show viewers. This is because Goki surpassed 1 million views on YouTube just by appearing for the first time.

The production team stated that a lot of different developments were made from the usual recording for the members of each boy group and will be created later on depending on the casting result that was decided that day. They added that there will be a lot of upcoming twists and turns.

Psy Jyp LOUD
(Photo : SBS Loud)

JYPE and P-Nation seemed to be casting in different ways as much as the uniqueness of each of them. PSY succeeded in casting 3 out of the first 5 through daring choices from the beginning.

JYP, on the other hand, has not run out of even a single move in a very careful strategy yet.

Is JYP Winning the Battle?

JYPE is among the "Big 3" entertainment companies. What makes it unique is that JYP is the most transparent about their casting processes. The fans may not agree with their processes or decision-making, but still they are giving a clearer picture of what was happening in the company and what they look for in a person. It takes a particular type of courage to share the casting and training process as transparently as possible. That is why JYPE is being careful on who they pick.

Who Will Have the Chance to Debut?

The top rankers of the first group of "LOUD", Junhyeok Chun and Kyung Moon Lim, are likely to be protagonists of an enormous reversal, or they could be put in a disadvantageous situation.

Particularly, in the released trailer, the two contestants can't hide their tension and the two producers are revealed, and they draw attention to themselves.

"LOUD" featured the greatest reversal of all time. It will broadcast at 9:05 p.m. KST on August 7.

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Written by Annie Barmaine.



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