GOT7 Jackson Workout Routine 2021: Here's How to Attain 'Just Right' Singer's Incredible Physique

Jackson Wang is one of the popular K-pop idols and a member of one of the biggest acts in South Korea, GOT7. He also does solo promotions and owns a label in China, called TEAM WANG. Apart from his skills as a singer and dancer, he also gets recognized for his body.

Concerning his physique, many fans go crazy over his lean body and killer abs. Want to know GOT7 Jackson's workout routine and diet plan, and achieve that remarkable bod? Then, keep on reading!

GOT7 Jackson
(Photo : Instagram: @jacksonwang852g7)

GOT7 Jackson Workout Routine

Even before his debut as a GOT7 member, Jackson already was in great physical shape as he was a former saber fencer for Hong Kong's fencing team. Fitness and sports have been part of his life considering that his father was also part of the fencing team and his mother is a former acrobatic gymnast.

Back in 2017, GOT7 Jackson only weighed 60kg, and so he started working out and successfully gained 5kg of weight. However, he immediately lost that weight due to his busy schedule.

GOT7 Jackson
(Photo : Instagram: @jacksonwang852g7)

Over the years, many noticed Wang's lean and ripped body physique. It is no doubt that the GOT7 rapper had lots of workouts to achieve his current fitness level.

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In a live broadcast via Naver V LIVE, Jackson Wang shared with the fans how he exercises. He would first do some stretching to loosen the muscles and reduce the risk of injury while exercising. He revealed that he learned that type of stretching from J.Y. Park.

GOT7 Jackson emphasized warming up the joints and recommended doing it each morning for 10-20 minutes as it helps the blood circulation in our body.

GOT7 Jackson
(Photo : Instagram: @jacksonwang852g7)

Jackson also said that he runs on the treadmill for 40 minutes, and after that, he does more stretching and running for another 30 minutes.

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In a separate V Live broadcast, Jackson Wang detailed his gym workout. He stated that he focuses on building up his muscles, particularly on his forearms, thighs, hips, and chest.

GOT7 Jackson Workout Routine
(Photo : Instagram: @jacksonwang852g7)

During the livestream, GOT7 Jackson shared that push-ups can help attain a muscular chest while lifting weights is for developing his forearms, hips, and thighs.

The "Alone" singer also recommended spending at least an hour at the gym to keep our bodies fit and in shape.

GOT7 Jackson Diet Plan

When it comes to GOT7 Jackson's diet plan, he revealed that he eats plenty of healthy food. He unveiled that he mostly consumes chicken, salmon, eggs, vegetables, and more.

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The "Last Piece" rapper also said in an interview on "Cultwo Show" that he drinks organic green tea, which helped him lose around 9kg of weight.

GOT7 Jackson
(Photo : Instagram: @jacksonwang852g7)

GOT7 Jackson's diet plan also includes the intake of vitamins or supplements, such as vitamin C and Omega 3. He makes sure to take vitamins for a week, and then rest for the next week. He explained that regular intake of any vitamin or supplement would damage the liver as it is the one that absorbs all the nutrients.

Jackson Wang also emphasized that dieting doesn't mean not eating and advised to drink plenty of water in between exercises. He continued that "not eating is not okay."

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