CRAVITY Jungmo Proves He's a True ARMY + Sends BTS V a Video Message

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Jungmo, a certified ARMY, sent BTS' V a sweet video message!

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CRAVITY Jungmo Proves He's a True ARMY and Sends BTS V a Short Video Message

On the August 31 episode of MBC FM4U's radio program, "Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope," CRAVITY members Jungmo and Hyeongjun, and CIX members Bae Jin Young and Hyunsuk made a guest appearance on the program, where the two members of CRAVITY talked about the Korean celebrities they wanted to meet.

While they were chatting, host and comedian, Kim Shin Young, had congratulated CRAVITY for their 500th day since their debut. She also asked Jungmo and Hyeongjun if they have ever met any of the celebrities that they had always wanted to meet after their debut.

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Hyeongjun, while glancing at Bae Jin Young, responded by saying, "It's actually Bae Jin Young. I wanted to see him in person after I kept hearing how tiny his face is."

(Photo : Instagram: @cravity_official)
CRAVITY's Jungmo

Hyeongjun then revealed he was surprised when he first saw him in person, "I was really surprised when I first saw him. How is it possible to be able to fit all of his eyes, nose, and mouth on such a tiny face? I still find it amazing."

Hearing Hyeongjun's response, Bae Jin Young laughed and smiled shyly.

After Hyeongjun, fellow CRAVITY member Jungmo revealed that he wants to meet BTS, however, he hasn't been able to see them in person yet, which he found disappointing.

Jungmo also reveals that he's actually an ARMY, the name of BTS' fandom, since he was in high school. "I have been an ARMY since I was in high school. V is my ultimate bias. I went to their concerts, and bought every official merchandise they have. I would really like to see them in person soon," said Jungmo.

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(Photo : Instagram: @bts.bighitofficial)

Hearing his answer, Kim Shin Young asked Jungmo to send the BTS member a short video message, accompanied by sentimental background music to add to the mood.

In his video message to V, Jungmo said, "Hello, V sunbaenim. I really want to meet you. I have been an ARMY since I was in high school. I went to concerts, bought a lot of goods, and collected all the albums too. I hope I can meet sunbaenim soon."

Fans who saw Jungmo's short video message commented how cute the CRAVITY member was, and many expressed that they hope Jungmo's dream of meeting BTS and V comes true soon!

Check out the full video here: Topic starts at the 11:29 minute mark

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