GOT7 Youngjae Making His Solo Debut This Year? Idol Reveals He's Working on an Album

GOT7 Youngjae's solo debut might be happening this year! The idol recently talked to Forbes and there he revealed his upcoming album.

In a recent interview with the American economic magazine, Forbes, GOT7 member Youngjae expressed his feelings about challenging himself in acting, particularly in the Netflix original series "So Not Worth It" and the musical "Midnight Sun." He also gave a few details about his album.

GOT7 Youngjae
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GOT7 Youngjae Teases His Solo Debut with an Album in an Interview with Forbes

Choi Youngjae first dreamed of becoming a singer, but after watching the 2019 movie "Joker," he suddenly got interested in acting.

When asked about what he thought about himself acting, GOT7 Youngjae said that he was amazed to see himself acting. He added that he never imagined that he would be acting.

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Regarding his time acting in "So Not Worth It," GOT7 member Youngjae commented that he was astonished by the fact that he and the cast members got close immediately, despite them having different nationalities. He added that they always had a good and fun atmosphere on the production site.

GOT7 Youngjae So Not Worth It
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Toward the end of the interview with Forbes, Choi Youngjae revealed his plans to make his solo debut this year. He said that he is currently working on new songs that will be included in his album.

GOT7 Youngjae then asked to look forward to his solo debut as he will return with a great album.

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Before the interview ended, Youngjae said that GOT7 is "still together" and they will be "together forever." "Please continue to love GOT7's activities," he concluded.

GOT7 Youngjae
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If the plan goes through, GOT7 Youngjae's solo debut will take place in seven years since he stepped into the K-pop industry in 2014.

Choi would be the fifth GOT7 member to release new music this year after leaving JYP Entertainment, following Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom, and Jay B.

What do you expect about GOT7 Youngjae's solo album? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

GOT7 Youngjae's Recent Musical Activities

Choi Youngjae is currently pursuing solo activities just like his fellow GOT7 members. After leaving JYP Entertainment and signing with Sublime Artist Agency, he had been busy as a soloist.

GOT7 Youngjae
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From May to July, GOT7 Youngjae starred in the musical "Midnight Sun" as the main character Ha Ram. Two of the songs he sang at the musical were released as singles.

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The first "Midnight Sun" song is "Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down," dropped in April, and the second one is a collaboration with Lovelyz's Kei, titled "Good-bye Days," released in June.

GOT7 Youngjae
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In April, GOT7 member Youngjae participated in Levi's 501 Day Music Concert, after being selected as a campaign artist for Levi's Red together with former I.O.I member Lim Nayoung. At the event, he performed his self-written song "Lonely," as well as the tracks "Ride" by Sole and "Bad" by Christopher Lund Nissen.

In May, GOT7 Youngjae released an original soundtrack, titled "Pop Star," for the popular web series "So I Married the Anti-fan" starring Girls' Generation Sooyoung, Choi Tae Joon, Han Ji An, Hwang Chan Sung, and Kim Min Kyu.

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