B.I Pledges to Continue Donating His Copyright Profits for 60 Years After Death

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B.I and his label announced his plans to continue his donation project even after his death.

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B.I Pledges to Continue Donating His Copyright Profits for 60 Years After Death

On September 17 KST, former iKON member, B.I and his label, IOK Company, announced that B.I will be donating all the profits from his music copyrights to "Basic for Girls," an emergency relief project being conducted by World Vision, an international non-government organization (NGO).

According to B.I and IOK Company, the donations of all the profits of his music copyrights will continue for 60 years after his death through the "Monthly Donation Project," which he has been participating in since the start of the year.

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(Photo : Twitter: @shxx131bi131)

Since the launch of the "LOVE STREAMING" project, B.I has been donating all of the sales proceeds of his albums "Deep Night Comfort" and his first full-length album "WATERFALL."

"Basic for Girls" is a project for women's rights in Zambia in Africa. The funds in the project will be used to improve the poor environment, such as the construction of women's restrooms in Zambia, and the provision of sanitary napkins.

Regarding the continuous donation, IOK Company said, "B.I's donation will continue to lead to a sense of true reflection. We hope that you will generous with B.I's desire to be of some help as a member of society."

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Meanwhile, B.I received a sentence of four years of probation, 80 hours of community service, 40 hours of drug education, and a 1.5 million won (around $1,200) fine for his drug charges.

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B.I Reveals When He Realized He Wanted to Become a Performer

On September 15, BuzzFeed Celeb shared a new video on their Youtube channel featuring B.I! In the video, B.I answers questions about his first times.

In the video, B.I shares the first time he realized he wanted to be a performer, and recalls the time he lived in the United States from when he was four years old until seven. "My parents ran a clothing store and they played a lot of different types of music, and I naturally grew up listening to their music," said B.I.

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As a kid, he had a lot of aspirations that would change constantly, such as being a professional marathon runner, soccer player, and even a scientist! But he eventually wanted to become a performer.

"I ultimately decided I wanted to be an artist. I talked to my parents and they said, 'Are you kidding me? Honestly, we don't believe you. If you keep that dream [for] one year, we're gonna help you, and we're gonna trust you,'" said B.I.

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Despite the uncertainty that comes with building a career in music, B.I's parents trusted and supported him. Years later, B.I made his debut as the leader of iKON in 2015 and became a successful artist, songwriter, and producer.

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