Jessi Reveals How She Responds to Psy Telling Her to Cover Up Her Body

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Whenever Psy tells Jessi to cover herself up more, the rapper only has one thing to say.

Can you guess what it is? Keep on reading to know!

Jessi Reveals How She Responds to Psy Telling Her to Cover Up Her Body

Jessi is well-known and loved for keeping it real and being her true self whether she is on broadcast or not, and not even her label, P Nation's CEO and founder, Psy, can stop her!

Recently on September 18, Jessi appeared as a special host for the popular late-night variety show, "SNL Korea," where she gave a performance of her hit song "Nunu Nana."

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Comedian Shin Dong Yup, who is the host of the show, welcomed Jessi and asked, "When you were told that you would be appearing on 'SNL,' was there a reaction or advice given from those around you?"

Showing off just how charming her strong personality is, Jessi responded with, "There were some people who were worried. But if you tell me not to do it, don't you know that I am the type to do it more?"

Shin Dong Yup also asks about Psy, and asks if the "What Type of X" rapper if she listens well to Psy, considering that he is the CEO and founder of P Nation.

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(Photo : Instagram: @jessicah_o)

Jessi then reveals how she usually responds when Psy asks her to wear more clothing. "No. For example, whenever I dress too revealing, Psy would tell me to cover myself up a bit more, but I would say 'NO.'"

Jessi being Jessi, she then took off the jacket she was wearing and tossed it away, as she re-enacts how she says "no," making the crowed excited with her powerful aura.

Meanwhile, Jessi's episode on "SNL Korea" was broadcasted through Coupang Play. In the episode, Jessi showed off her acting chops as she took on the role of a health teacher, while trying her best not to burst out laughing!

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Jessi to Appear as a Panel on MBC's 'The Masked Talent'

Media outlets have reported that Jessi, alongside other artists such as Simon D, Kim Yeon Woo, and SG Wannabe's Lee Suk Hoon, will be joining as one of the panelists for the MBC Chuseok spin-off variety program, "The Masked Talent."

(Photo : Instagram: @jessicah_o)

"The Masked Talent" is said to be a spin-off of the channel's popular variety show, "The King of Masked Singer," where celebrities would compete on the show by singing and wearing masks in the hopes of getting the throne.

According to media outlets, Herve Hubert, a French producer, will be participating in the production of "The Masked Talent." Anyone from South Korea is also eligible to apply on the show as a masked contestant.

"The Masked Talent" will be broadcasted on September 21 and 22.

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