FANATICS Kim Do Ah Posts a Message after Being Eliminated from 'Girls Planet 999'

After being eliminated from "Girls Planet 999," Kim Do Ah expressed her feelings through a message she posted to her Instagram story.

On the Sept. 24 broadcast of Mnet's "Girls Planet 999," the second elimination round and the start of the third mission "Creation Mission" took place.

Girls Planet 999 Kim Do Ah
(Photo : Instagram: @lcirndxah)

Unlike the first elimination round, which was based on the votes of "cells," the results for the second elimination were determined based on the votes of each contestant. Only the Top 8 from each group (K, C, and J) survived. But, three eliminated contestants can be saved by the Masters.

FANATICS Kim Do Ah Gets Eliminated from "Girls Planet 999," Posts a Message on Instagram Afterward

During the second elimination round of "Girls Planet 999," a total of 26 contestants were removed from the show, while 26 contestants remained in the competition. Xu Zi Yin was qualified for the next mission, but she decided to step down from the program due to health reasons.

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One of the contestants from the K-group who ended their journey in "Girls Planet 999" is FANATICS Kim Do Ah, who placed tenth place.

Girls Planet 999 Kim Do Ah
(Photo : FANATICS Facebook)

Despite winning the second mission "Combination Mission" and receiving the benefit of 27,000 points, Kim Do Ah's individual votes on UNIVERSE were unable to help her secure a spot in the Top 8.

After the broadcast of "Girls Planet 999" Episode 8 concluded, Kim Do Ah took to her personal Instagram account to post a message to the fans.

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Her message began with, "Hello everyone! This is Kim Do Ah, your cherry."

She continued, "Unfortunately, we have reached the end of our journey following the second elimination round. But, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the fans who have given me a lot of love and support."

Girls Planet 999 Kim Do Ah
(Photo : Instagram: @lcirndxah)

FANATICS Kim Do Ah then expressed her determination to work hard in the future. She said that she will continue to work hard to prove that she is a person who can inspire many people.

The "Girls Planet 999" contestant further stated that she will keep her promise to the fans that she will see them often.

Kim Do Ah concluded her message by saying, "I love you. Be happy, everyone."

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Apart from Kim Do Ah, her fellow FANATICS member Chia Yi also failed to move on to the next round of the "Girls Planet 999."

Girls Planet 999
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Facebook)
Chia Yi

Her bandmate Lee Rayeon was eliminated from the survival show during the first elimination round.

With the three FANATICS members ending their participation in "Girls Planet 999," expectations on the girl group's comeback are emerging.

Here's the List of Eliminated Contestants during "Girls Planet 999" Episode 8:


  1. Kim Do Ah
  2. Choi Ye Young
  3. Huh Ji Won
  4. Jeong Ji Yoon
  5. An Jeong Min
  6. Lee Chae Yun
  7. Lee Hye Won
  8. Yoon Ji A


  1. Kubo Reina
  2. Arai Risako
  3. Sakurai Mui
  4. Sakamoto Shihona
  5. Fujimoto Ayaka
  6. Kuwahara Ayana
  7. Yamauchi Moana
  8. Hayase Hana
  9. Shima Moka


  1. Li Yiman
  2. Wu Tammy
  3. Hsu Nien Tzu
  4. Liang Jiao
  5. Yang Zige
  6. Zhang Luo Fei
  7. Chia Yi
  8. Leung Cheuk Ying
  9. Wang Ya Le

Did your favorite "Girls Planet 999" contestant make it to the next round of the show?

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